Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Day 34

I am here not to declare war against anything, but I am pissed off like seriously. How would you feel when someone try to convince your girl friend to break up with her boy friend? I mean what kind of friend are you? Try to put yourself in my shoe when you get that from others and Hey Jovian or whatever its called! I exist as I am, but I don't get it why you want to make things complicated! Everytime I hear your name from my girl friend, I told myself to forgive and forget. Perhaps I did not make enough noise but it doesn't mean I'm Dumb, I just couldn't give myself a reason to hate you LOL. I'm not like angel gracing the lines singing 'hallelujah' type of person. We are still young and we all make mistakes, can't you just pull off the high contrast glasses to judge a people. First two temptations failed, and I've learnt my lesson. But if you're here to ruin my relationship, please make it personal do call me and talk it like a man, stop psycho-ing my girl friend and She's not comfortable with everything you did and that is so not gentlemen. I'm pleasant to accept if you'd like to make a new friend and not add a foe.

Monday, December 7, 2009

For Exam!!

Firstly, client’s brief is the core of the account management whereby when a client meets with an account servicing person the client is supposed to provide detailed information of a few particular parts in order to come out with a campaign at the end of the day to grow the brand. The few particular detailed information that a client has to provide is ;

1) Background information - of the company and product
2) Objectives - marketing and IMC objectives to achieve
3) Target affiliation group - understanding the target consumers based on demographics & psychographics.
4) Current consumer perception - Consumer’s perception of the current product/brand
5) Desired consumer perception - what we want the consumers to feel/ perceive
6) Positioning - Unique selling point of the current product/ brand
7) Campaign Idea - Strategy of the campaign and execution
8) Medium - Types of media/ channels used ATL/ BTL advertising (traditional & new)
9) Timeline - When will it be the dateline to conduct campaign
10) Budget - Amount which is given by client to conduct a campaign for either advertising/ marketing purposes.

By obtaining these information from the client, the person in charge can be able to create a creative “brief” in whereby it provides information for the art directors to plan out an idea or concept in creating final artwork either for print advertisements, radio advertising, TV commercials and others.

Secondly, the “creative brief” is a summary of the clients brief whereby it includes information of a client’s brief in less than two pages or preferably 1 page. The creative team is meant for creating a simplified model in where the creative tam is able to absorb/ understand what is necessary based on client’s request in a less complicated form. Therefore, the creative brief answers the question of how the advertising campaign is going to be like as according to client’s brief. After that, Account servicing person need to write a contact report within 48 hours and send a copy to client as legal document.

Apart from that, a “media brief” is also needed whereby it consists of the campaign idea of the client. What the brief is used for is that it gives the media planners the upper-hand information for strategic thinking when choosing particular media channels to advertise the campaign idea or also give better suggestions on which other media channels which can be put to focus.

Lastly, the “IMC brief” which is a summary of client’s request on integrated campaign in whereby it fully utilizes as many IMC tools as possible. Usually a “360 brief” is compiled more or less the same like a client’s brief but however it is more focused on the execution of the campaign idea. Tools like public relations, advertising, direct marketing and sales promotions are frequently used as requested by clients.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another Day 33

She waited for me so long, until the old grandfather clock that time forgot.
Endlessly she said, with a tremendous red heart she graped me back from the
midst of silver and cold. Yes indeed, she has the best imperfections that
others don't have, probably the best I've ever met. Perhaps she's not perfect
as in doing housework, cooking meals, or maybe persuading partner but she
has the attitude that keeps her stepping in front, learning, listening,
and also being a good girl friend. "No body's perfect" is haunting me for
quite some time, I've learnt how to let go what's not important in a
relationship and pick up what's good in life. So it was fun, I have a good
past life and that's what made me standing on the top today. And here is
December, I named this blog after her because this love like winter, no more
running in circle, just you and me, together from years before until the years
after before the end approach. Whisper me, I would love to... Clearly I remember
Han Ling, how I being called with a soft spoken voice. I heart you Mel!!
I will take you back to the start when we first met under the stars.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Day 32

Emerge! When I said it I mean it and did it because I need it.
Do you believe that success is a combination of talent and hardwork?
Ps. Kong teachings throughout the whole weekend really blow up my mind,
like seriously. It was a great experience also a good time to put on hold
my pending jobs and spend the rest weekend with my church members and God.
I've realized things are not easy to be done when you say it without
taking action. I told myself "hanling you got to be a doer, in future
you going to be a great person out there serving God, helping people,
and contribute something to the publics. " So from now onwards, I will
start purchase more books, do more meditation, observe more, and pray more.
Pray is the secret that unlock everything. When was the last time you said
a prayer? probably none of you could remember. So start practise it today
and repent before the end of the world. On the other hand, I have been busy
working my assignments. In the midst of rushing, I hate other people make
things complicated like postponed meetings, late, and giving out unrealistic
ideas and comments. I mean a leader should give a good impression to his/her
members so that others can put trust on you. So I would like to encourage all
the leaders to buck up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Creative of Marketing

I saw this once when I was reading a book.
After few months, I saw it posted up by Jillian (:
Nothing special but those who are in this field
they should know and I found it interesting.

The buzz Word in today's business world is MARKETING. However, people often ask for a simple explanation of "Marketing." Well, here it is:

You're a woman and you see a handsome guy at a party. You go up to him and say, "I'm fantastic in bed."
That's Direct Marketing.

You're at a party with a bunch of friends and see a handsome guy. One of your friends goes up to him and, pointing at you, says, "She's fantastic in bed."
That's Advertising.

You see a handsome guy at a party. You go up to him and get his telephone number. The next day you call and say, "Hi, I'm fantastic in bed."
That's Telemarketing.

You see a guy at a party; you straighten your dress. You walk up to him and pour him a drink. You say, "May I?" and reach up to straighten his tie, brushing your breast lightly against his arm, and then say, "By the way, I'm fantastic in bed."
That's Public Relations.

You're at a party and see a handsome guy. He walks up to you and says, "I hear you're fantastic in bed."
That's Brand Recognition.

You're at a party and see a handsome guy. He fancies you, but you talk him into going home with your friend.
That's a Sales Rep.

Your friend can't satisfy him so he calls you.
That's Tech Support.

You're on your way to a party when you realize that there could be handsome men in all these houses you're passing, so you climb onto the roof of one situated towards the centre and shout at the top of your lungs, "I'm fantastic in bed!"
That's Junk Mail.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Day 31

There are no flowers, outside my mind.
There'll be no friends gracing the lines.
just fold my hands tightly, I do.
I'd show a smile, but I'm too sarcastic,
I'd share with you could I only speak,
You aren't allowed to access, Cause
I'm in line and you're out of the line.
But only if you cross that line and
come into my line, I'm going to tight
you up so freaking so high.
Once a again, do not cross that line
before I change my mind, you wouldn't
want to mess with this chinese guy.


I recall when I was told of bedtime story
of crushed velvet, candle wax, and dried up
chilis. The figure on the bed all dressed up
in violets, calling beckoning to sleep,
offering a dream. Words were as mystical as
purring animals. As I fall asleep, I fell
into yesterday. My dreams seemed not far away.
I fell into fantasy, I could touch her lips.
Everyone was dancing, no one could see us.
Nothing could hurt us then. I would rather
stay here the rest of life if only I could
escape from the reality.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Day 30

Good day! It's been a while since I played an exciting
sport. I was hesitating whether should go or not while
Kenneth asking me to join them cause too tired after
having a long unsastisfied presentation. So I just
said "Yes" hang down and go... 6.30pm kenneth reached
my place and fetch me, we had some toasts while waiting
for the rest. 7pm set off and reach there around 7.30pm.
The challenger sport center moved to somewhere further
from cheras and it looked really nice. I used to go
there for badminton training every thursday night.
So I've managed to meet some young adults after
alan introduced to me and most of them are nice.
We all played a good game and I really satisfied
with the end result (: Guess what! I scored Freaking
6 goals. You must be thinking I'm boostful but
seriously I'm not. From your point of view, I must
be a Kaki Bangku,Tangan Bangku freaking teenager.
Dare me and I will show it to you. I'm not good in
field games, but anything related to ball, I'm in.
Recently just gained my first MU jersey that has
just brought over from UK. COOL! Btw, Currently
I'm addicted to a game called 'Happy Farm' and it
sounds childish for many of you but Do I look like
I freaking care? Of course no.. Me and my buddy
VINZ quite enjoy with it. It's flexible, managable,
popular, harmless, costless, and etc. Basically
all you need to do is buy seeds from the shop,
plant it and wait and not watch the hours fall,
then harvest your crops. You can go to your barn
to sell your crops or redeem gifts. the most
enjoyable part is to get into your buddy's farm
and steal their crops, besides stealing, you can
help to fertilize, clear the weeds and etc.
I even came out with a briliant idea by recording
down all the crops information, harvest time, cost
and experience. It doesn't eat me much time cause
I downloaded the file to make me easier to refer
my crops growing stage. All of this just tidbits
crackers for me, cause there is something important
for me to look forward for it. It's you, always you
and forever. I'm missing you badly not every single
moment but most of the time, I had my heart set on
you, together in aussie. Waiting for reunion...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Day 29

There goes my love, to somewhere far from here.
Pulling my face like a cooked meat left
overnight. I came up with a brilliant idea a
few days ago and I'm quite sure about it.
Random is the name given by me, which stands
for acting/having no specific purpose/objective
while doing something. People have said many
times about me acting randomness in the class.
But some said that's where the good ideas come
from. I never doubt that (: Embodied revolution.
I'm just answering/ asking question from different
point of view. Hey peeps, looking things from
a different perspective isn't a bad thing, plus
it won't lead you to somewhere else. If you thought
you had enough thinking while judging a decision,
I would have thought twice times more than you.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another day 28

It's been a long time and have not touched you for ages. I was wondering what makes you act like that these days. Come on! I'm having serious thought, trying to figure out what's the matters?
And why should I Scream for? This is my theme park. How's the fudge taste? I'll make you like a fudge cake. It sounded like random for most of you but try to picture that.. There lived an unhappy guy, facing all the consequences alone and pretending he's doing alright. But no, he's not alright. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


ASS icons

(_!_) A regular ass

__!__) A fat ass

__)(__) A "wide load" ass

(!) A tight ass

(_*_) A sore ass

{_!_} A swishy ass

(_o_) An ass that's been around

(_x_) Kiss on the ass

(_X_) Leave my ass alone

(_zzz_) A tired ass

(_E=mc2_) A smart ass

(_?_) Dumb ass

(_Lame_) Lame ass

(_jack_) Jackass

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Day 27 (Does God Really Exist)

On a bright windy morning in the class room,
A professor is giving a lecture about "God doesn't exist",
he prove it by claiming if God created heaven and earth, and thus created "evil".

This make God is evil too. Among the students, little Einstein is one of them.
Upon hearing this, little Einstein stood up and ask the professor...
"Does cold exist?"the professor replied "of course yes,
what kind of question is this? hadn't you experience cold before?

""Wrong!" little Einstein said. "Cold is not exist,
according to the law of physics, is it only the absence of heat we feel cold"
Then little Einstein proceed and ask another question. "Does darkness exist?
""Yes" the professor said.
But little Einstein replied "Wrong!". "Darkness doesn't exist either,
we can't study the darkness but the light, it is the absence of light thus we feel is dark

""In the same way, Evil doesn't exist, God didn't created evil, evil is the result of man does not have God's love present in his heart"

-Albert Einstein-
Matthew 12:35A
good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Day 26

I can see his stinky face inside the TV, like a fudge cake.

There is a delusion that some day some Sinners will become a God.
There is a cold-blooded people have been isolated like a vending-machine
There is a non-marginal black despair, like a Satan-like imprint in the bottom of their heart.
There is a Love I believe I can take you out from there.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Day 25

It's good to be back after finished unfinished business.
I have been busy dealing with my assignments, meeting her throughout the month.
Finally have my own time to write some cool facts (:
First, The Taj mahal took 20 years and 20 thousand men to finish.
Second, One quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet.
Third, The Earth gets heavier each day by tons, If she continue eating like there's no tomorrow (:
Last, A species of people in Malaysia grows up to few kg's in 1 day. I suppose...
Other than dealing with my stuffs, I ready newspaper everyday (: I want to expand, expand and expand. I have seen peace. I have seen pain.I have seen birth. I have seen death. I have seen fear. I have seen faith. Do you see the truth through all their lies? Do you see the world through troubled eyes? LOL!! I just read for sake of reading it, nothing much about it... But I'm quite shocked to hear the news that Taylor Swift gets humiliated by Kanye West at VMA's 2009. Kanye west needs to just shut up and go away or better yet be eaten by something hungry and hairy. he popped off a few times at different places. Gay Fish... But still his songs are great, just that he need some mediation or whatever things that could make him repent. Another thing I would like to share is I'm going internship next year, the companies are bates141, Grey, DDB, Saatchi & saatchi.. I suppose... those are big companies, they have done many great advertisements, plans and strategies. I'm going in not for the sake of going in because I was told to join, many reasons to pull me in to these giant companies like gain experience, get contacts, learn new skills, build up my communication skill and etc. OMG I started thinking far and far, like almost reach the sky.. But there's one thing I need to do for this sem, FIX EVERYTHING DUMBASS BEFORE YOU GOING Far.... PUT THIS ON BEFORE YOU PUT IT ON....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Day 24

It takes the same amount of time to age a mummy as wine. About 3000 years ago, most Egyptians died by the time they were 30. It's still a myth, because we couldn't find any proves why they died too young. Probably they had too much of McDonald's McValue meals. I suppose... I woke up at 6.30am, made myself some toasted garlic breads and a Vitagen, what a great kick start haha... I feel there is not much for me to talk about, I think I have mood swings. What's the best thing to do when you're stuck in a boring? I Google-ed it (: there's more than 111,000,000 results. Great humans with "Otak" always come out with brilliant ideas to get rid of boring life and live an exciting life. I wish I could be one of them so I can live my life to the fullest. Wishful thinking*

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Day 23

24 of August, Mild and Windy night

There are so many things in my mind, that suprised me. Things like What's the first thing i do when i wake up next morning? What bus to take and the cost? Who to sit together during class? Some things are not important. It brings a trigger in my mind when I begin to realize I've thought too much. I've been talking going to have meditation every night at the balcony, for many times I've tried, and failed many times. What's wrong with me LOL... No Driving Force/ Impetus? Talk about Honesty... When was the last time you told a lie? to your friends? parents? or your girlfriend? I read a book and it called "Cafe David", and received a long hour lecture from my aunt last sunday, being aggressively tested by God(an incident). David believes that 90% of breakdown in relationships is due to a breakdown in communication. So, if communication can be improved, relationships can be improved. Well, what I believe is, if relationships can be improved, why not Honesty, 10% to make it perfect. Say the right thing at the right time. You wouldn't want to be like a beggar, always get skipped by others. Don't ever try to bury a lie... Two parties, their eyes were watching over you.
"But if you do not do so, then take a note, you have sinned against the Lord; and be sure the sin will find you out" - NUMBERS 32;23

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Day 22

20 of August, Starless Night
Nocturnal No longer a stranger, and we have become good friends.
Why do I feel like an animal? Like Hedgehogs or Eagle Owl
(If you don't know, please google it or click the link given above) "being active during the night and sleeping during the day" I suppose...
Overslept in the afternoon, My eyes barely opened and I knew that I had over slept.
In this case, this will eventually cause me to be active during the night and Fish-ing while Lecturer giving lecturer during day-time. An example, 2am: I'm sitting and staring at the monitor, looking left to the right, because I got nothing better to do. That's pretty Farked up :p
Recently, I'm so In-Like with this mobile Phone. It's Nokia E63... No special features compares to E71, I suppose. I prefer E63 because I found it to be reasonably priced and relatively convenient to bring along and Classy. Exact Reasons are I Don't need a techno-phone to beat my I-Touch, I need E63 for Sms's purpose, e-mail and etc. The Market Selling Price, Satu biji RM 7XX-9XX.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Day 21 (20thBirthday Confession)

18 of August, Greatest Day of the Year

Basically there is not much to be relaxed about. I'm 20 years old today, my extremely happy face can be seen or as it can be seen. I would like to say a huge thank you to God, my parents, and my friends. It is a great honor and pleasure for me to meet you guys to be a part of the group/family. Hmm I want to announce that I'm no longer single, there's a girl never regretted waiting for me so long. She's Melissa.. The greatest sacrifices Mel has made for me is giving her priceless time to me, a good listener, My source of creativity in joke-making and etc. We were once happy together, we have gone through it, we have cried together. Something like the mistakes I have made, It left her the scars in her heart, but she's still loving me, with all her heart. Few years back, one of my buddies said that we're not going to survive long. Few years later, I Sued my friend because my relationship survived longer than what he predicted. I have seen people with Western mindset, behavior patterns of Eastern. They are great people with great decisions. I have seen people Dragged away by Death Reaper(HEART ATTACK). I have heard one of my friend who killed her unborn child by doing abortion, I hope she was full of guilt. I have seen people walking out from church, She was once a good girl. There are so many things to say about this world. it's getting messy, I was hoping that everyone can stay on the right track, be concious and know that what you're doing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Day 20

05 of August 2009, Rainy Day..
I woke up a little early today about 6.30am before it started raining.
At first I considered to sleep a few more minutes before
I really wake up to get prepared for the unprepared.
Few large spotlights flicked on, directly into my eyes, I can't continue
I hates wednesdays..
Cause The Golf club right behind my condo always turn on the spotlights
every wednesday morning.. How on earth do people play golf that early??
Tested my New LISTERINE cool citrus and I've found it to be incredibly user friendly.
Everyday the same routine, I have no choice but to take it everyday.
U88,89 Which has recently become my Main transport to take me here and there.
The bus stopped midway at SS2 and I got down, I walked quite a distance to Azriel's house
so I can Follow his car to our new Campus at Jaya One. Freaking Mafan!!!
Yeah! Nice to see my friends again, They are not happy in a new environment
perhaps they are not familiar with the place I think :P Sooner or later they will get used to it.
Bloody Pengajian Malaysia, It took me like 1 and a half hour to finish it..
Then I went to OldTown for breakfast with Jillian, I had eaten ethan.. Nola! (:
I had eaten a bowl of noodles with egg and hotdog, Half-boiled eggs and Ice Lemon Tea.
Guess what!! Nicky offered to send me go home today.. So random it makes me smile..
But with 1 condition, I have to accompany her go back subang to take her stuff first.
I was like "there's no free lunch in this world." Hahaha~~
We had a long conversations in the car back and forth. Quite Fun~~
Going to take a nap now as I only slept for few hours last night~~
It wasn't deep thinking that made me tired last night, it was you that made me think deep
so I could help you to solve the problems. I'm not sure what you want though..
Replacement~~ See ya ladies...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lungs Like Gallows

Is it luck that's knocking right on my back door?
Because I have been breaking mirrors since 1989...
I walk under ladders,
I spill the salt on sores,
and I open my umbrella
even when I am indoors.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Day 19

Trying to despite but I will get expelled from house.
Trying to tell but nobody's on my side.
Trying to read but my brain doesn't know anything, cause body is doing weird things.
Are you backsliding?
These are the symptoms shows that I'm falling fast like waterfall.
No doubt, I couldn't find a reason to defend myself that I'm not backsliding.
Do correct me if I'm wrong.
I'm supposed to practise it everyday, by reading bible to engender me
to become tougher,stronger, and a close relationship with GOD. Somehow, I failed to do so...
Slowly I become like snails who breathe through their feet.
LAZY and less productive!
I'm too tired perhaps :p
Finding a place to feed my face...
Exams on Wednesday and Friday.
Saturday will be going Sunway with Melissa
to celebrate her birthday in advance. Haha...
We have known each other for 5years++
She's my sweetest girlfriend. PAST TENSE!
It was nice meeting you.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shockwave of five days

The mask used by Ethan in the "Maskot" was actually a Mr.Hyde mask painted half black and half white. Spilt personality! -he knows how to cheer up the kids but his brain doesn't know what his body is doing? Putting Two-Face... I'm exhausted!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Day 18(Short & Long)

Wednesday Blast Off~
  • Ikea meatballs+chicken wings( breakfast+lunch) with Chris
  • Quick shopping at The curve
  • Movie 12.45pm "Public Enemies"
  • Swimming + work out with Chris
  • Ikea quick shopping
  • Dinner at Senjyu with beatrice, Melvyn and jason
  • 9-ball pool game
  • Late Movie 10.45pm "Harry Potter"
  • Off to bed~3am

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Day 17(fruitful weekend)

FINALLY, everything has come to an end. The 3 toughest exams and two presentations, but still there were two more coming on 7th of August. BTW, I got something to share with you all. First, i would like to thank you Eileen(the gold digger) for telling me to go and join the Tap Tap Revenge competition organized by MAXIS. WHoo~ I made it into first elimination round on first day, I been told to come back for the semi-final tomorrow which is last sunday. thanks God! Everything goes smoothly, and thanks to Melvyn for the ride. Yeah! the Semi-final and final was held at the Curve. 2pm, the place was overcrowded with living bodies, playing with the Iphone, looking around, and etc. Guess what! I managed to get to know other competitors and discuss about their Tap Tap experiences .(I met beatrice Chiu, Jason Chan, The argentina guy, and a chinese girl.. LOL) Allow me to pull back to the Main and shorten it. yeah! I won the first prize RM500 Jealous Huh? Why do you work so hard? haha! Right after the competition, I need a ride to go sunway for the presentation meeting. I tried a search but came up with nothing. When I need you? you don't appear, but when you are not needed, you turned out of nowhere. Yeah! I did a quick shopping trip at sunway. Bought a new Converse Classic shoes! LOVE IT XD...
Monday, Skip the presentation part cuz it was good and i don't want to mention it cause it's just not necessary. Went to OU to meet up Cayman and yi zhen, but we didn't get anything at the end ):
Tuesday, another presentation... Get good feedbacks from ms. Su because we all prepared for the unprepared... The slides, findings and reports very well-structured and yeah! I'm so happy!
haha.. I felt so relief and the good feeling, the good feeling, the good feeling can be sensed... ahhh....... Went to jacq's house for the poolside party, this is the third time i went there.... Had a great session with everyone who made it, those who missed it, "DON'T ANTI-SOCIAL Lah~"
Last but not least, nothing like the holidays, I'll be working for five days at O U. each day about Rm140~ thanks to someone.. I'm so blessed!

there's lot of things i would like to tell but I'm so tired! if you get bump into me, feel free to ask me! ciaozzzz

Thursday, July 16, 2009

another day 16(Random)

You got me wondering why...
why did you leave the the flea alone?
You kept me from jumping off your body.
If both were going to jump off, would you jump too?
I might tempted to push.
Now that we're alone, i got a request.
Would you do me a favor?
Tell them what you heard.
All around the world, you've got to spread the word.
Do you hear me? spread it..
What you going to do when the things come falling down?
Cause you will never move, make a sound neither.
I'm so heavy, times keeps rolling by.
exams never end but i'm at the end of my rope.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Day 15(Full of Anger)

I am a fully committed and devoted Christian. My walk with God is good and I was not sure who to turn to about this so I randomly picked to post it out. I am a Christian and I believe strongly in the word of God. I am part of the immediate family which is Buddhist. I don't want to show any disrespect towards my parents but I do have my own beliefs. I'm so lost!! An attitude I had behaved for years, let's not pretend anymore! Several years back, after withdraw from TARC. My parents encourage me to go other places to try out. They even promised me without the need to worry about MONEY. I turned down several places and accepted the one that has been my first choice all along(recommended by randall). 10 months I kept asking them for money, it's like begging them (Mum I need couple extra bucks for fees... Eh! Can or not? ). Sometimes I have to make sure my parents are in a good mood. Otherwise, TRY HARDER NEXT TIME BUDDY! What they want to accomplish with their money because I will never get anything from them. I'm not complaining about my parents, I just don't know how to vent my anger. 1 of the reason I chose posting it here because this is a place where I vent my anger at random stuff. Hence I have no energy to be angry anymore. I've spent a quarter of my life in solving my family problems based on things I have learnt in church. They thought I have grown a lot in the last couple of years, YEAH! I learned a lot, I have grown a lot. In fact, I'm a christian... It makes no difference when it comes to my family. No matter what our troubles, I still love you Dad and Mum! (: Give me extra money pls ):

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Divide By Linkin Park

New Divide
lyricsSongwriters: Bennington, Chester Charl; Bourdon, Robert; Delson, Brad; Farrell, Dave; Hahn, Joseph; Shinoda, Mike;

I remembered black skies,
the lightning all around me
I remembered each flash as time began to blur
Like a startling sign that fate had finally found me
And your voice was all I heard that I get what I deserve

So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes
Give me reason to fill this hole, connect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies across this new divide

There was nothing in sight but memories left abandoned
There was nowhere to hide, the ashes fell like snow
And the ground caved in between where we were standing
And your voice was all I heard that I get what I deserve

2nd Chorus:
So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes across this new divide

In every loss, in every lie, in every truth that you'd deny
And each regret and each goodbye was a mistake too great to hide
And your voice was all I heard that I get what I deserve

3rd chorus:
So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes
Give me reason to fill this hole, connect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies across this new divide
Across this new divide, across this new divide

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another Day 14

For a healthy life, all you need is a healthy nutrition, proper exercise and a positive attitude. Haha! I have fulfilled the requirements. I woke up around 11.30am cause i thought i will begin serving this afternoon. So after had my breakfast, everything was running fine then went to check on my e-mail for double confirmation! Haha unexpectedly! Today no duty for me.. Since i got nothing to do and i have done most of the assignment, It's shopping time. (SHOP AT OU) Jocelyn and Kelvin have to leave early because they are rushing to attend the sevice. Overall was good, I bought a new pant from Topman, Shirt from ZeroHour. All day long I had been thinking that I was going to buy new pair of shoes but somehow I didn't make it cause I need to save up for the Steelseries Siberia Headset. I bought some dinner material from Jusco, like bread, Australia wagyu beef slices, Jumbo bolona, Black pepper bolona, Golden butterhead(sweet vege), and Milo with milk(NEW). Yummy!!

First Cafe Ministry Gathering 2009: Dinner at shabu shabu puchong, poolside gathering, and werewolves game

Another Day part 13

"Quiet Night Tea, For a Peaceful Night"
9am-3am Outing!!
P.R Class from 9 to 12 I wasn't paying attention for these three hours cause I'm half-awakened. Yeah! so I've decided to play some cool games instead of listening to her Lecturer. I don't Know.
After the class, Me, Soon King, and Chee Yung, we went to play billiards elsewhere. I was rushing to purchase some food and drinks right after that cause there's a SC gathering 3 to 5. During the gathering I was suppose to give a very long speech about Pros and Cons of arcade Day but somehow I cut it into a very short post. I wondered why I didn't say it contains, Perhaps I'm too nervous??? Cause clement said so ): I was shaking left to right, upside down...
After the gathering, i went to joyce's house for jamming session before i go to another gathering. Oh man! I've learnt a lot from Joyce especially Drum solo (: It was awesome haha...
Around 7pm, joyce sent me to church cause she was rushing for movie at 8pm. So I joined my friends from Church Cafe Ministry to go Puchong for dinner (: I had eaten quite a lot of food LOL... Tomorrow I've to do another 200 sit-up ): The food was nice especially the meatballs :p
Very juicy and elastic. Haha... We don't have to spend a single dollar for that super duper nice shabu shabu dinner Happy Gile!! Hmm.. Next round, we went to Josh's house to play werewolf game. Guess who's the biggest liar?? Me and victor :p Somehow we managed to make everyone believes that we're innocent LOL.. We pakat and we won.. Tired of cheating people because this game relates to Friendship, trustworthy, and skills. So I switched voluntary to another character, the narrator. basically I'm not allowed to join the game because I'm going to explain to them and guide them during the whole process of the game. It's fun to see people pointing at each other and to defend themselves that they are innocent. Abel, Josh and Karen are the "biggest Liar" LOL... OK I'm tired and i need to get more sleep. Good night! I Miss You...

Listening to Elements of Life~Tiesto

Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Day part 12

I'm DONE!!! since I don't have a single clue as to how I'm supposed to finish it tonight.

Somehow I screwed up everything and yeah!!! The Mind-Mapping... How on earth can I finish the Mind-Map by tonight with a verly slow working speed.

(average 2 hours for 1 Mind-Map.. ROFLMAO)

I was chatting, was replying to the other peoples responses to my question. ISH!! Again, Sometimes I wish I could just fly away or just ignore it! But I just can't seem to find the solutions on what's the correct thing to do. Why can't we have 36hours instead of 24hours? I need more time to rest, chill, movies, shopping, food and drinks. Hmm Yeah... i watched "TRANSFORMERS" with my housemates. AWESOME!! The reason why it was an awesome movie was because the action, the three-dimensional surrounding sound, the quotes, storyline, EVERYTHING!!!
Megan Fox- she's pretty damn sexy.
I'm salivating :p
Listening to He's a pirate~Tiesto

Another Day part 11

Tired of hearing tired is dying.. Let's switch to something fun..
Last friday, V10 held an event.. It was a great time.. Getting people to join
the event is like pulling teeth.. It's a miracle we managed to get 20+ people
to participate in this event.. Btw, the event called "Arcade day." Three Ps2
with lots of arcade games.. There's Tekken5, Need For Speed, PES 2009,
Metal Slug, Street Fighter, and etc.
Special thanks to everyone who contributed in this event. I really appreciate that.
Yes! Of course I would like to say thank you to all my Sales Promotion Members.
We've made it, we're in third level. I know it's tough for you guys, to why we are here,
It is not about doing something in order to get something in return.
It's all about our hardwork in efforts. (:
I chatted with a friend from our college, Sandra Y...
LOL! and she solved the relationships problem, and now it works!
Not for me... but for herself (:
I felt so relief after telling her this and that.
about the girl i Love.
Last but not least,
All the good things I have. They all come from God

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Day part 10

Arguments, Gunpowder, boredom, and etc
I wish I could escape this miserable place, to other dimension ):
I have just realised that some people complicates things and makes other people
lose the conciousness of sight!
I'm tired for all these things especially dealing with assignments and presentations.
Curse them live the good life in coming several years (:
Good night!
Tu me manques*(French)

Listening to Traffic~by Tiesto

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Day part 9(quick 1)

I got that boom boom boom. That future boom boom boom. Let me get it now. Boom boom boom. It comes and goes, Dissolved like salt. A night in there I will never forget. She, smells like peaches, moving like liqiuds, She's got my heart. The feeling of dizziness*

yeah...Poppy, a good place to chill out! Haha... But I don't like it! Am I odd if i don't like to go clubbing?

Friday, June 19, 2009


1. The person who tagged you

2. Your relationship with him/her is....
Hmm.... Friend

3. Your 5 impressions of him/her are...
Funny, talkative, skinny, Nice, pretty

4. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you..

5. The most memorable thing he/she said to you..
Nothing, nothing and nothing

6. If he/she becomes your lover you will...
Hmm... I dunno (:

7. If he/she becomes your lover, things he/she has to improve on will be..
sleep early

8. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will....
Ignore her..

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be...
too kepoh...

10. The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now...
So far no....

11. Your overall impression of him/her is..
Good gua??

12. How you think people around you will feel about you?
Hmm Love me or hate me

13. The characters you love of yourself are...

14. On the contrary, the characters that you hate about yourself is..
over self-confidence

15. The most ideal person you want to be is....
someone who can take care of me

16. For people who care and love you, say something to them...
Thank you for everything!!

17. Pass this test to 10 persons who you wished to know how they feel about you.
1. Jessica Lim Chen Chen
2. Jamie Leong
3. Inessa
4. Melissa Chhoa
5. Neilson
6. Sharon Boon
7. FoFo
8. Olivia Lau
9. Crystal
10. Li Chuen

18. Who is no.6?
My Brotha... Also 1 of the great leader

19. Is no.9 a male or a female?

20. If no.7 and no.10 are together, is that a good thing?
Hell No.. Fo is my boyfriend, And Li Chuen.......

21. What's no. 2 studying about?

22. When is the last time you had a chat with no. 3?
This morning

23. What kind of music band does no.8 likes?
I dunno (:

24. Does no.1 have any siblings?
1 sister

25. Will you woo no.3?
Haha.... I dunno

26. How about no.7?
She's my boyfriend

27. Is no.4 single?
Yes gua

28. What is the surname of no.5?
Daffy duck, N-cat

29. What is the hobby of no. 10?
*Photoshooting, shopping, online.... Hmm and etc etc etc

30. Does no. 5 and no.9 gets along well?
they are in the same school

31. Where is no.2 studying at?
somewhere in Subang (:

32. Talk something casually about no.1.
Nothing nothing and nothing

33. Have you tried developing any feelings for no.6?
No (:

34. Where does no.9 live at?
Somewhere in KK

35. What colour does no.4 like?
White, yellow and pink?? I think so...

36. Are no. 1 and no. 5 best friends?

37. Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?
OMG.. I can tell YES

38. What is no.6 doing now?
I dunno XD

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Day part 8

Umghh....After struggling with ASS-ignments for many days- it comes to an end, I felt so relieve and happy. I don't want to mess everything up so I didn't update my blog. Yeah! I'm back but still there are pending ASS-ignments need to be done by End of June and early July.
Sales Promotion- 1 guy+4 girls, The ideas has been made today, SWOT done! 50%
Public Relations- Individual! Still reading notes, better explanations needed. 50%
Public Relations- Me, Joyce.N, KX, WL, KC, n retard. still doing tabulation (: 40%
Pengajian Malaysia- FO, Me, AZ, EiL,WL... We're not doing anything... 0%
Consumer Behaviour- Individual! Mind-mapping, the draw has been made as well. 20%
Consumer Behaviour- The funny stupid ad is done! Lester Need to write report 80%
Sociology- Me, Sha Sha, KC, Anand, joyce.C! Tabulation done, meeting on friday! 60%
Student Council- Poster done, registration form done, meeting on friday! 70%
Look at myself, I got no life... Do you like that? (:
Hmm... Well, I'm enjoying with it... because I know I need to achieve something now, not to show it others but for myself (: Something like self-competence. How far can I go?

!*%&%@*% Hot? I'm like, Ice-cube melting... How on earth you can stand the super duper high temperature out there.... CRAZY! 37' C... A silly sweet treat from Mable, I got Ice-cream.. It's chocolate/vanilla flavour.
Oh yeah! I want to greet three people "Happy Birthday."
-Jamie Leong : Although we have only known each other few months but I can tell You're a nice girl. Happy legalisation (: Don't poke me back!
-LiChuen : Nth much to say, take care of yourself. Sleep early! nothing is more important than your health. I'll talk to you more often... Friday Night Fever :D
-Shytheng : A good and responsible classmate of mine, She's new but shytheng has a very strong heart. Don't emo k? get rid of it.

Listening to The Scientist ~COLDPLAY

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Day+Testi part 7

We are living in life to face the disappointment, Broken hearted, depression, failure, and death. Your boy friend dumped you. You felt it was the end of the world. You cannot score high in exams. Your parents blame you! It left your with a feeling of unsastisfaction. Friends anti you! Money doesn't want you. Everything seems like a mess for you. you have tried your best in everything, but nothing has worked to get rid of... Do you thank God for the incident like this? Do you even seek God and put your trust in Him? When was the last time you did that? If you praise God only when things go your way, you're probably not doing it very often.

Many of us kept complaining about life. Nothing is Perfect.. God Is fair!
Welcome to saturday morning, You can probably steaming cup of coffee, sitting in the balcony and reading newspaper. Do you remember what you said to me yesterday? or what I told you to do? Things we remember getting lesser as time goes by.. Somehow I remember the faces was so pretty. But I can't see clearly.. Blurrr!

I'm super duper pissed off!! The intent of questioning people gain more as we grow up.. I don't understand why certain people want to stressed out themselves to help, to protect or against others. If you think you're strong enough, Go ahead! But do not include hard feelings when it come to making decision. You affraid I will bang my head to the wall, I can tell "Jangan takut" because I'm not affraid of it! No pain no gain! I'm not a baby, I don't need over-protection... You can give me advice but not doing something indirectly. I really appreciate everything you did.. (:

Listening Radar~ by Britney Spears
Have a nice day!
It's me again... I can't believe i made it through part 7.
well... I'm so exhausted after scaring by the movie "Drag me to hell."
really wasted my rm10... My brain can't function well and I need get some rest..
Will Write something interesting and new tomorrow... (:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Day part 6

My mind Goes Tick-Tack-Tick-Tack, It's 12am... It left me with a feeling of unsastifaction!
Please move 7 hours counter-clockwise because there's many point I would like to share
during the debate session. It was about the religious... arghh.... My funny lecturer, with the sarcastic smile on her face... It goes "Hehe.." Do you think it's funny? Well, I can tell she never underestimate my ability... Although I'm little annoying to her, and being called no productivity! haha but I do take it as a compliment. She told us that nobody are stupid, only lazy... Really hit it on the nail! I am so impressed with her... Yeah! I'm just slightly slower than anyone, but it doesn't mean I'm slow enough. I just installed turbo k... Guys don't get left behind k? :p

Let me go through with you briefly how it feels during "testimony challege." My first time doing this, a bit heavy for me but thanx God for it. Thanx to all my cellgroup members. They are amazing!

As usual, I ride public transportation everyday. I am little bit of insecure with the driver. He goes as he likes, driving like mad-cow.. Ahhh... I wish I can drive my own car, get stuck in the traffic jam everyday rather than waiting the bus for half an hour (:
Get distracted by Hendra Lim LOL.... two hours yo! what's the problem???

Listening to My heart by Paramore
Nights (:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Day part 5

Recently, There's something happened in my college and Facebook. Someone posted notes about IACT. I'm kind of curious about this and I don't understand. You went to her post made comments and ruined everything. The people wouldn't know until you say it out, say it- LOUD S-A-N-D-Y. Yeah! Gratz, you have made it.. You Got my attention, Their attention.. Feel proud of yourself? You are worst than beggars in Uptown. At least they have their Harga Diri. When you want to give up your super high egoistic and grow up? Can't you do us a favor? CHANGE! I mean you are my friend, Come on... Make a move! Don't spoil it! Anti you is not the way we were hoping. Think about it... I hope you can't sleep and dream about it. And when you dream, I hope you can't sleep and scream about it. i hope your conscious eats at you. And you can't breathe without it.(copied from -stan- Eminem)

Hmm... Thanks for the muffins Inessa (:
It's healthy to eat muffins in the morning... I had eaten 1 and share another 3 with WaiLee, Lynn and Ms. Su... Right after the class, Me and Farhana went ONE U to fix's guitar. After that, we were heading to A&W Makan waffles(ice-cream), and Rootbeer, Ngek ngek ngek ngek.. Here in A&W, we share a lot of things, past experiences, Gossips, and she's one of the smart person I've met in real life.

Listening to I'll kill her by SOKO

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Day part 4

I'm passionate about life, kissing and Working out (:
I ate a banana for breakfast. I have been told that Bananas contain a natural chemical which can make a person happy. This same chemical is also found in Prozac.
I had My honey mustard chicken sandwiches, Lemon crush and Strawberry chocolate cupcake in Wondermilk this afternoon. Nice isn't it... Sadly NO, it doesn't satisfy me and my stomach.
Sometimes, something keeps us afloat, My curiousity getting higher, observation getting sharper but opinion goes lesser ): Did you notice that most of the time I will just go and sit in the corner. keep quiet shhhh!!!! I'm stalking someone.. It could be you! If you are reading this post.
Allow me jump to the conclusion, I ain't a stalker and I believe in seventh sense. Original 5 senses + Instinct + GUESS!! I pretend to know you... Actually telling you this and that.. Just wanted you to know I don't know much about you. Confusing huh?

What is threesome? An act of group sex involving three people. Triadic group sex regardless of gender... You might think I'm dirty-minded... Well, I don't freaking care.. I know what i'm writting and I have my conciousness.. Back to the topic, It really is getting Hot in Malaysia. I wonder why people already have their partner but they still want to get involved? Perhaps they don't have 1 or maybe in the process looking for 1.. Desire! It's so hard to resist... Don't get offended! ~Talk to me and prove me wrong~

Gearing up myself! Chasing after you~ Fighto!
Listening to Epilogue-NEAR THE BORDER- Junichi Nakatsuru(The Belkan War)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Day part 3

It's Sunday morning, by 8.30am I'm supposed to be in church on right time but I just cant bear it cause my stomach hurts and I need food. Neilson, he drives as he likes.. He drives to the nearest 7-Eleven and we get some food and drinks. This morning, God really open up my eyes. We all had a great service with Pastor Andrew Gray from Aussie (:
Confidence comes from what you know. Based on knowing something and I can prove it. I have confidence in my pray. Anything according to His will. His words is His will, His will is His words. That's what i learned from Pastor Andrew Gray.
Right after the service, Me, Andrew, Charis, Sharon, and Sandra. We came up with the crazy plan to celebrate Jamie's birthday. Guess what? I terpaksa and I told-a-lie ):
But I can tell the best is yet to come (: Ngek ngek ngek ngek....
We watched a movie '17 Again.' I told myself not to watch anything related to high school musical series or movies and it's just going to stress me out. One quarter of the human brain is used to control the eyes. I don't want to waste time on it. I am more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than watching it. But Zac Efron , only takes one of his looks to get my attention. Phewitt!!!! You know what? Mind changed, and I just want to be as cool as him. Cooler than him perhaps! :p But still I won't spend my time to watch high school musical. NO!
Things crash out of nowhere.. I have a bad mood swings.. LOL
I want you to listen but not hear, to understand and share.

Patrick likes to yell. If he yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, he would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. Patrick, can I have two cups of coffee in 17 years later?

Listening to Long Distance Call- Buck Tick

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another Day part 2

Most of the time, I can't defense myself with strong points. I keep asking myself why? Well... It's my personal problem i think.. WoW... I can speak fluently to someone like me(average) or people who are slightly lower than me. Not Insulting! Just telling the truth... But I can't speak Properly as in grammar errors, Spelling and etc to someone whom I think He/She/It are better than me. (Just Not Get Used To It) it's time to get up from deep well, and have diminion and multiply. I am a spirit, with one soul living in one body. LOL :D Recently I met this Gal, Inessa Wong.. Hope I didn't spell it wrong.. She came and She spoke... every single word containing "WHATEVER." Haha... I saw this verse in bible. ROMANS chapter 14 verse 23, But he who doubts is condemned if he eats, because he does not eat from faith, because he does not eat from faith; for whatever or not from faith is sin. Whatever= SIN. Thus, Speak by faith... I know you are a Christian and I hope you can see this.

Someone's birthday is coming... Everyone is busy with Assignments, Exams and Stuffs. Thinking Of master plan.... But a lot of things need to worry about.. Hmm Clueless* How about Give away my I-Pod touch? Money? My precious deodorant? or a good gift(memorable gift) LOL

Listening to August Rush Album- Someday by John Legend.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Day

Firstly, Meet my BoyFriend Farhana. Isn't she beautiful? Yes. Isn't she Hot? 104% Yes.
Don't get it wrong! She's my best friend in college.. Okay Let me go on and On. I'm tired of being tired with college assignments, SC meeting, and classes. But you'll will never hear me say TIRED to go to church services. Everyday the same routine, traveling the same path to college, eating at the same mamak stall, drinking MILO everyday, and doing something again and again. Something for nothing. practising is something I look forward everyday. Can you imagine that? Another thing, I had someone that always wanted to talk to me…someone that would just be there and say hi to me whenever they can. But not Him, This guy approached to me and said: Ling Ling XD... He's annoying, egoistic level- Maximum, his every phrase contains of FXXK, DXX, and etc.. LOL.. Well, those who knew him best sure get what i mean... Those who don't know just hear but not listen k (:

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I say things I missed to say few months ago

She used to call me Monster.. Well, as always, things are not as simple as they seem...When I heard the news of her, of course I thought right away that this was indeed my big chance...and I guess I just figured that, if this rumor was really true, then all the work might just be done for me...I sure didn't want to see her world turned upside down at such an important time in her life., and nobody else did, either. Of course, that also meant that She was going to have plenty of time over the next month or so to dig her grave even deeper, if that's indeed what she was doing. In fact, it seemed to me that she almost wanted to get caught. But it just seemed a little funny.What seemed even stranger was what happened a couple of months after I broke up with her. 2 nights after I was there for the sneak preview on her blog. I saw the labor day weekend. She wanted to set him straight, or something.I played dumb I've tried to bury it, I've tried to move past it, I've tried everything but one man up, take a stand, and actually try and do something about it. Like Nothing LOL. And that's what I have to do...I have to just lay it all on the line for her & see once & for all if this is what's really supposed to happen. I'm pretty sure leaving her in the first place was the dumbest thing, so at least I know it's not that. But I still don't know what's going to happen.I mean, I'm pretty sure she still loves me...and I'm pretty sure that, if it just came right down to what she wants, I'm pretty sure that she'd go for it...but again, things aren't that simple. I don't know that she loves him the same way that she loves me (I could always be wrong), but I don't know that she would ever be able to bring herself to hurt like that, Yes, I know she finally said that maybe we should try it again one day if we found ourselves single...but she's not single. And again, I don't have another 20 years to wait around for that to happen.So, here I stand, a man with a mission that I've been preparing myself for for years...and I have no idea how to pull it off. Hmm, I don't even know if I'm doing the right thing...I just know that I have to do it, for me if nothing else. Because this is it this time. After you & everything else, I know that I have to deal with all this somehow...I either have to finally make it part of my life, or I have to find a life apart from it. LOL... Changed My mind! I will think up a solution back to few months ago, But not anymore now or future.. Haha... Keep moving forward, letting go the past. (:

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Facing Unpleasant Facts

I took an Ice Cold bath after running and Now I can think.. Allow me to go through deeper and rephrase sentences you've made just now. What you said sounds just right. Everything just hit to the points... You asked me, why this and that(Sensitive issues) But what does that mean? NOTHING.... Hmm yes indeed, You've experienced and observed things that I never seen B4. Besides that, I'm not Good In argue-Ing. What's the point to keep holding My policy-My mind keep telling me to throw it away. All contents related to Bible Knowledge, Fact, fiction, Common sense, And Money. It's hard to make you believe. It's hard to know if someone really cares. I Attach the blame to myself, the only thing i can do is read more bible and sharpen my skills, enlarge my capability and capasity. Maybe this will make you understand. It's like How do you like being approached by a Giant Goliath? Hmm... Look at King David... five smooth stones, David didn't intend to miss, he took five because of 2Sa_21:22, says Goliath had 4 sons.. David was going to kill them all if he had to. I believe that everyone has a story to tell. So Am i! Me? more than that....I gave my word... I broke many things, many glasses, but my word never. (:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Truly, Madly, Deeply

There's something beautiful hidden deep in my bones.
But it doesn't help much ):
It's complicated..
It's funny how sometimes I've been doing everything
to get out of one place and when I've found the time to leave,
it's when I've also found a reason to stay.
Hmm... I've also found you. (:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's about the world

For the following post, I will write more about Global warming..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Revealing truth

I haven't seen you before, and you've got me a question mark!
Never seen a roller, paper that's that taller.
I'm playing with my controller while eating my chipster.
In fact, you still owe me two dollars and that's another chapter.
It's complicated and stupid isn't it huh?
What is the hardest thing for me? (straightening curls)
sometimes, I'm pretty anxious with my friends.
I know I'm a Martian cause it's a hard life.
If you are a friend of mine, you should very familiar with the phrase.
They look at me because i'm different, I look at them because they are all the same.
Haha... No worries! I'm just saying some of them and the rest of them very nice to me.
No facts but fluff. If you've said all you've had say, then call it a day (:
If I talk lesser, it doesn't mean i don't talk. Just lesser (:
Ten things about me:
- I'm a loner (special ma..)
- I like to travel, discovering new places and different faces and races.
Normaly how do you pronounce a barber in proper way? Hairstylist right?
How about a guy that drives F1? Not racer.... think properly! Could it be racist???
- I'm a son of GOD!
- I'm reliable, if you help me sell my dreams. In return, i will share with you together.
- I'm still a single so far still available.
- A very high conscientiousness person. I want everything done perfectly. Sometimes no la!
Because God is fair!
- I can be forgetful but when it comes to memories! I can still clearly remember what you wore last few church services.
- Changing perception on colours. I thought black and white was the finest combination! Someone proves that I'm wrong. Of course I still have purple for backup duh....
- How spicy foods can kill me? I sweat like steam machine, then started scracthing my head,
at the end of the part, I will drink your water and kill myself. Just joking!
- Loves natural.. I can clearly see the trees shaking like belly dancers every morning. The sun rises in the east or west ah? I know you are laughing! Hmm.... At night, as i walk to the balcony, I can hear the wind whispering from everywhere. Just close you eyes and Imagine dumbass q:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

13th of June


1525 – Martin Luther marries Katharina von Bora, against the celibacy rule decreed by the Roman Catholic Church for priests and nuns.
1625 – King Charles I marries French princess Henrietta Maria de Bourbon
1774 – Rhode Island becomes the first of Britain's North American colonies to ban the importation of slaves.
1777 – American Revolutionary War: Marquis de Lafayette lands near Charleston, South Carolina, in order to help the Continental Congress to train its army.
1798 – Mission San Luis Rey de Francia is founded.
1805 – Lewis and Clark Expedition: scouting ahead of the expedition, Meriwether Lewis and four companions sight the Great Falls of the Missouri River.
1871 – In Labrador, a hurricane kills 300 people.
1881 – The USS Jeannette is crushed in an Arctic Ocean ice pack.
1886 – A fire devastates much of Vancouver, British Columbia.
1886 – King Ludwig II of Bavaria is found dead in Lake Starnberg south of Munich at 11:30 PM. 1893 – Grover Cleveland undergoes secret, successful surgery to remove a large, cancerous portion of his jaw; operation not revealed to US public until
1917, nine years after the president's death.
1898 – Yukon Territory is formed, with Dawson chosen as its capital.
1910 – The University of the Philippines College of Engineering was established. This unit of the university is said to be the largest degree granting unit in the Philippines.
1917 – World War I: the deadliest German air raid on London during World War I is carried out by Gotha G bombers and results in 162 deaths, including 46 children, and 432 injuries.
1927 – Aviator Charles Lindbergh receives a ticker-tape parade down 5th Avenue in New York City.
1934 – Adolf Hitler and Mussolini meet in Venice, Italy; Mussolini later describes the German dictator as "a silly little monkey".
1935 – In one of the biggest upsets in championship boxing, the 10 to 1 underdog James J. Braddock defeats Max Baer in Long Island City, New York, and becomes the heavyweight champion of the world.
1942 – The United States opens its Office of War Information.
1942 – The United States establish the Office of Strategic Services.
1944 – World War II: Germany launches a counter attack on Carentan.
1944 – World War II: Germany launches a V1 Flying Bomb attack on England. Only four of the eleven bombs actually hit their targets.
1952 – Catalina affair: a Swedish Douglas DC-3 is shot down by a Soviet MiG-15 fighter.
1953 – Hungarian Prime Minister Mátyás Rákosi is replaced by Imre Nagy 1955 – Mir Mine, the first diamond mine in the USSR, is discovered.
1956 – Real Madrid wins the inaugural European Champion Clubs' Cup final, defeating Stade de Reims 4-3 at the Parc des Princes, Paris.
1966 – The United States Supreme Court rules in Miranda v. Arizona that the police must inform suspects of their rights before questioning them.
1967 – U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson nominates Solicitor-General Thurgood Marshall to become the first black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.
1970 – "The Long and Winding Road" becomes the Beatles' last Number 1 song.
1971 – Vietnam War: The New York Times begins publication of the Pentagon Papers.
1977 – Convicted Martin Luther King Jr. assassin James Earl Ray is recaptured after escaping from prison three days before.
1978 – Israeli Defense Forces withdraw from Lebanon.
1981 – At the Trooping the Colour ceremony in London, a teenager, Marcus Sarjeant, fires six blank shots at Queen Elizabeth II.
1982 – Fahd becomes King of Saudi Arabia upon the death of his brother, Khalid.
1983 – Pioneer 10 becomes the first man-made object to leave the solar system.
1991 – Jamie Leong, pink as the day she was born.. She came into the world as a son of GOD
1994 – A jury in Anchorage, Alaska, blames recklessness by Exxon and Captain Joseph Hazelwood for the Exxon Valdez disaster, allowing victims of the oil spill to seek $15 billion in damages.
1995 – French president Jacques Chirac announces the resumption of nuclear tests in French Polynesia.
1996 – The Montana Freemen surrender after an 81-day standoff with FBI agents.
1997 – A jury sentences Timothy McVeigh to the death for his part in the
1995 Oklahoma City bombing.
1997 – Uphaar cinema fire, in New Delhi, India, killed 59 people, and over 100 people injured. 1997 – American fugitive Ira Einhorn is arrested in France for the murder of Holly Maddux after 16 years on the run, though he would not return for another four years.
2000 – President Kim Dae Jung of South Korea meets Kim Jong-il, leader of North Korea, for the beginning of the first ever inter-Korea summit, in the northern capital of Pyongyang.
2000 – Italy pardons Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turkish gunman who tried to kill Pope John Paul II in 1981.
2002 – The United States of America withdraws from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
2005 – A jury in Santa Maria, California acquits pop singer Michael Jackson of molesting 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo at his Neverland Ranch.
2007 – The Al Askari Mosque is bombed again.


If I have the consequences,
I can choose to not do it.
Things are so hard to resist....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lullaby of rain...

It's been a while my friends.. Landed safely at LCCT last friday night.... Bunchs of ''Fai Chai" was waiting me for 2 hours. After that, we went to ''Just for you'' at damai.... Had meatballs spaghetti for late dinner since foods in flight Freaking expensive. LOL! William asked for second round... So we went to this CC "PowerNet'' where we used to hang out together. Life's good! Got back home around 3am... lying on my big queen size comfort bed, such a good feeling.. Bet you wanna try lye on it isn't it? If only you want it.... following is the schedule for whole week. LoL! Appointment banyak betul!

1. Dinner with tkHou at Damai Upperstar.
2. Lunch with maybelle at ???
3. marolene and mendy wants to go Club... still considering XD
4. Church service(saturday night, sunday morning)
5. CellGroup thursday at GLory Hall.
6. left 4 dead with tkHou,johnny, Ah pak( Nice teamplay)
7. send Mc'D for Fish...
8. Saturday reserved for Fish whole day... lol
9. breakfast with parents x4
10. pulau trip(cancelled) :(
11. Sushi night fever!
12. Fried dumplings, Fried fish on tuesday..
13. last but not least, wants to go Shangri-La resort beach...
Meaningful memories are easier to remember. How beautiful it'd be!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to create free iTunes store account

In order to download Apps at iTunes you must only have one account on iTunes for one country. But iTunes requires a credit card to validate your registration. Its is quite annoying things for those who want create account on iTunes but don't have any credit cards. Why not we have at least two or more iTunes account!.

As an iPhone user, I'm also have a problem to download free app which does not available in my country. For example, I would like to download Google Earth application, unfortunately Google Earth application does not available in my country. I have to access App Store in United States by creating another iTunes account to get Google Earth apps. By following my guide below you can create more than one iTunes account. Also you can access you account anywhere over the country.These instruction will guide you on how to create free iTunes account for another country without redemption code.

Step 1: Launch iTunes Store, scroll down and go to the bottom of the iTunes page and press on the “Flag icon”.

Step 2: Now a page with all available iTunes Stores show up, select your country. If your country is not listed, then you should select another country preferably United States. You also can choose another country for which country do you want to access.

Step 3: Now the front page of iTunes Store should loads up, click the one of the free app from the “Top Free App” section [It is on the bottom right of the page]. For example, i'm looking for Google Earth Application, click "TOP Free App" and get Google Earth icon.

Step 4: When the App Page load, press the “GET APP” Button for Google Earth.

Step 5: The login prompt window will pop up, You need to click on “Create New Account”

Step 6: A welcome screen will appear, then you need to click “Continue”.

Step 7: Then a ‘Terms & Conditions’ page will load up, then tick the “I Accept” box after reading it and again press “Continue” button.

Step 8: Enter your details, you need a real and valid email address, its recommended to you create the second email special for this account for future access. For example i'm also use the first email address for iTunes account at my country and second email for another country. Click “Continue” to proceed.

Step 9: This is the important part, If you have followed all the six steps, in the next page, where you should enter your details, you should select “None” option as a payment method. "None" for payment method mean you can buy/get free application only. iTunes will ask your later about payment method if you buy "paid application" for future access.

Step 10: Now you need to fill in your details as screenshot above, if you don’t live in the country you choose, just make up with fake name, address, city, state, zip code and phone number. You may use online "Fake Name Generator" to fill in your fake details, or just go to YellowPages website and find your preferred advert and take its address. Then again click “Continue”.

Step 11: Now you will see a message to click on the confirmation link that was sent to the email you entered earlier.

Step 12: Check your email inbox or Junk Mail, open the email that Apple sent you and click on the confirmation link.

Step 13: When you press the link, automatically iTunes will show up, telling you to enter your brand new iTunes account Details.

Step 14: If you have done everything Okay, you will be greeted with a congratulations page.Step 15: Now you are done, You can download free apps and access another country, the weekly free song and some free HDTV Tv Shows, without any redemption codes or nothing ..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

IAA 71&72

We're infected mushroom....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Life

What you gonna do?
Kill me in my sleep?
I'm tired
Tears won't help
So I grinding with my eyes wide
looking to find
A day
Through the day
A life
For the night
A word
For a girl in school.

Dear Lord,
Take me away from the hood like a state of penitentiary.
Like i needed my Dad, but he needed a needle.
I need some meditation, so I can leave my people.
They asking "Why?" Why did John Lennon leave The Beatles?
and why every people feed off evil?
Answer my question before our life have been redeemed.
We are not the same, I am a Martian
So approach my Phantom doors with caution.
Sometimes I think about my life with my face down
Then I see you and put on that cutie* smile.
And since you helped me sell my dream, we can share together.
My life used to be empty like a glock without a round
Now my life full, like a chopper with a thousand rounds

*When life isn't the way you like it,
like it the way it is.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tell tale Heart

Everyday the same routine.
You walk through me with the
same smiling face,
But I couldn't remember it.
The only thing I have seen,
it's your shadow..
With that, You gathered your blanket
around your elbows and ascended
the Lily-white stairs like a Bride.
How beautiful it'd be...
Outside, snow solidified itself into
graceful forms.
Now, everything seemed permanent.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Whatever I want to retain in my mind, I write it down.
You are just like wave,
I cannot control it.
But I can certainly learn to surf.
A dream-come true comes true
leave me on a pile of newspaper in the dark.
Future was a matter of keeping the past at bay.
If I got legs, I ought to use them.
I am not Blind I sit the sun closes my eyes
When I open them I see the face I lost You
Is the face that left me sees me see You and
I see the smile You smiling face is the place for me
It is the face I lost You is my face smiling at me doing it
At last a hot thing now we can join.
Allow me to explains more coherently,
that it was for you I was reaching,
but couldn't touch.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gentle in manner but firm in action

It's 情人节today...
I'm here claimed to be "single"
P1,P2. and P3...
I'm distracted and
attention was not given to you back to 2008.
When you seems to disappear, I am distraught.
I have lost too much, and losing one more companion
would be too much for me to take.
No eye has seen,
No ear has heard.
The most precious moment we had,
dissolved like salt.
It's like Olivia said,
The hottest love has the coolest end.
I should have learnt not to love anything too much
after realizing everything could be taken away from me.
But it doesn't seem work on me.
I think I should go,
Keep moving forward.
We will see how it goes.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Upcoming post

There is something i would like to tell,
something I've lost for so long.
It will be uploaded tomorrow...
Everything will become clear...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something inside me came Alive

It's been so long that i have not
upload a post.
Here... I went and i came back from
Three places..
Tg. Malim, Ipoh and Taiping..
I really enjoy eating chinese dishes
and they were everywhere.
The most special 1 is
the freshly cured salmon. Cun*
besides that, i managed to get
lots of angpau. Can't imagine
how much LUI*(money in hokkien) it is XD
Focus group is the awful thing
which caused me cannot go Genting
with parents.. Sucka*
Hope i can go through with it.
It's hard to believe this
The end will never come
It's me again and again... HOMEALONE
Suddenly someone will stare
in the window.
Looking outside at the sky
that had never been blue.
But still,
There is HOPE to guide me,
I will survive.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Second another day

*CG done!
*Psychology done!
*Marketing Research done!
Left 4 to go
The whole world to stop, non-rotating.
Finally, gt my connection back and everything goes smoothly.
Went back to grandma's hse yesterday,
quite happy cuz dad will be around at night.
After took my dinner, I told myself that
I'm going to see my dad soon. LOL!
Been waiting for 2hours if not mistaken,
give up!
Went left 4 dead with Vinz for few hours
friend ajak* Can't escape!
then had IndoMee for supper.
Nth special about the same old Indomee,
but next time going to ask that fellow
don't put the chili powder cuz
I can't take spicy.
As i reached home, i saw a box
in the corner.
Went in front and open it....
Guess what!!!
LOL New Balance 574-MNB
size 9
limited edition....
Dad! you're my Boss....
It gonna be my 13th Sneakers
Can't wait to wear it during CNY.....
Thought I'd appreciate the free time on hand
but I'm feeling really bored.
Especially in May Gan's class.
There's not enough time to do the things.
I want to do as I need to sleep early and
I've done all the things that could be done
in a short amount of time.
Went over OU SAKAE for lunch
with members.
had my Gyu kushiyaki don,
2 plates of salmon sushi,
2 plates of inari sushi.
Of course thats not enough for me.LOL
But have to cut off budget bcuz it is
arise and build season.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wishful Thinking

After went back from shopping,
Back to the same old grind...
You were supposed to call me tonight,
But you did not...
A short message *buzz*
How beautiful it'd be...
I would have said "I miss you"
in the cutest place on the earth,
where some lullabies are dancing
with the fairies.
I knew you'd be here,
now wrapped in moonlight.
At last together,
here in the incandescent glow,
I hope..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seriously sick

Emotions sped to the surface...
I'll kill her... She stole my future...
She broke my dream...
things she wouldn't tell,
things that halfway told..
not clear.....
I waited a week,
the speedy and the slow
meet at the ferry...
I do believe everyone favours a
different eggplant.
I miss her badly.

Monday, January 12, 2009

One after another day

Don't feel like talking recently..Although there is a lot to share...

The world is but a canvas to the imagination

Good to begin well,
better to end well.
lil boy. lil girl,
no frog in between.
Hard work ain't easy,
Dry bread ain't greasy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My intuition

Hmm.... Finding none...Not even trying, i have become the
kind of man who could walk into the house and
make the women cry. With my presence, I could.
My intuition told me to have intension.
When life isn't the way you like it,
Like it the wat it is.