Saturday, June 21, 2008

a Tribute of Storm and Fire

Geetzz.... I almost fully use up my savings for june ! I am very mad on you . I couldn't find a reason to stop my madness . Stop using 'I don't know in front of me. You just making me insane . I can't feel we're truly loving each other and i don't see the point either ! If sorry really works , i won't be like that since beginning . I found dishonest on you.. I do believe you since we knew each other but things changed when you start hiding ******from me. It just makes me uncomfortable, i noticed that your getting selfish and greedy lately . I'm straight-forward. I don't want hide it from you or whatever . Please correct it . If you're mad when u saw this passage, feel free to call me . At least i can listen to your opinion and your explanation . Further more , i'm tired enough.... There's a fucking brick-wall between you and me ... It's up to you whether you want to break it or maintain the wall blocked us

dedicated to my precious babe

Wish you get well soon my babe olivia...
you're always the best
take care

Friday, June 20, 2008

The truth of a Lie

I'm cold ... everything was a mess .
I never been to north pole but i can feel i'm
permanently covered with constantly shifting sea ice
it hurted me from outside to inside, into my bones.
Lie awake in bed at cold night, and think about your life.
Do you want to be different?
Try to let go of the truth, the pressure of your youth
"Follow me" i said
'Cause this is just an illusion'
It's a beautiful lie, a perfect denial either.
Such a beautiful lie to believe in.
So beautiful, beautiful it makes me.
It's time to forget about the past and keep on moving forward.
To wash away what happened last night
Hide behind an empty face and everyone's looking at me cause i'm running around in circles.
A quiet desperation's building higher
I've got to remember this forever
it's just you and me
Far apart close in heart.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[Cont] The real abyss on plain, The Pelagic

What about if someday you fall into a place called "abyss" ?

Is it possibly for humans to save you or get you out from abyss ?

Get down and think twice...

The abyssal zone is the Pelagic zone that contains the very deep benthic communities near the bottom of oceans. Abyss is from the Greek word meaning bottomless sea. At depths of 4,000 to 6,000 meters (13,123 to 19,685 feet), this zone remains in perpetual darkness and never receives daylight. Its permanent inhabitants – for example, the Black swallower, tripod fish, deep-sea anglerfish, and the giant squid – are able to withstand the immense pressures of the ocean depths, up to 76 megapascals (11,000 psi). Many abyssal creatures have underslung jaws to sift through the sand to catch food. The deep trenches or fissures that plunge down thousands of feet below the ocean floor – for example, the midoceanic trenches such as the Mariana Trench in the Pacific – are almost unexplored. Only the bathyscaph Trieste and the remote control submarine Kaiko have been able to descend to these depths. These regions are also characterized by continuous cold and lack of nutrients. The abyssal zone has temperatures around 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, but 13-15°C in the Mediterranean Sea.
The area below the Abyssal Zone is the sparsely inhabited Hadal zone. The zone above is the Bathyal Zone. These three zones belong to the deep-sea realm. Above on the continental platform there are respectively the Circalittoral, Infralittoral, Mediolittoral and Supralittoral Zones . The photic zone is independent from this classification.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

[Cont] The abyss of guilty sky

Please visit reading while listening to instrumental song is best ever combination. Babe i strickly hope you to press the link.
thank you for your co-operation.

I woke up in the morning , feel like i'm worst living in the world . The only music shakes my heart all these days and it called "instrumental" . Sometimes is pretty hard to make a decision and sometimes it's harder for everyone of us to breathe . But i like to make my decision while listening to instrumental music. It makes me feel like i'm sitting under a Oak tree behind a small pond. Awesome.... Imagination was apart of me, i ain't creative enough but i used to think a lot when i have my space to do my stuff. The thing which keep remind me all the time is "YOU" my precious babe olivia. [Understanding] I learned it the hard way. i been taught to understand and common courtesy. However, i'm pretty avoid to Materialistic,sarcastic, and careless person. That's me... Once i write it on the blank white paper, it will never be the same like before. Make no mistake in your life so there will be no ink left on your page, and you will be the pure and beautiful forever. Natalie... i do remember you told me about 'nothing is perfect' . Silly me... i was about to challenge your words ... i know that's absolutely fucking wrong because you're right.

Guess what ! i'm grown and i believe in JESUS but not myself . I couldn't settle everything by myself without helps . I mean not everything maybe certain thing ! ROFLMAO .. Worst is not the thing i should fear about , the true will stand on my side and keep delighting me always.
Someday, i'll walk alone and climb into rooftops to see the thousand of star shining in the dark sky. There will be a guardian or angel appears by time and take me away . She flew me to the sky , My eyes has closed tightly and my heart as well , shout like madness and end up with falling .