Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Second another day

*CG done!
*Psychology done!
*Marketing Research done!
Left 4 to go
The whole world to stop, non-rotating.
Finally, gt my connection back and everything goes smoothly.
Went back to grandma's hse yesterday,
quite happy cuz dad will be around at night.
After took my dinner, I told myself that
I'm going to see my dad soon. LOL!
Been waiting for 2hours if not mistaken,
give up!
Went left 4 dead with Vinz for few hours
friend ajak* Can't escape!
then had IndoMee for supper.
Nth special about the same old Indomee,
but next time going to ask that fellow
don't put the chili powder cuz
I can't take spicy.
As i reached home, i saw a box
in the corner.
Went in front and open it....
Guess what!!!
LOL New Balance 574-MNB
size 9
limited edition....
Dad! you're my Boss....
It gonna be my 13th Sneakers
Can't wait to wear it during CNY.....
Thought I'd appreciate the free time on hand
but I'm feeling really bored.
Especially in May Gan's class.
There's not enough time to do the things.
I want to do as I need to sleep early and
I've done all the things that could be done
in a short amount of time.
Went over OU SAKAE for lunch
with members.
had my Gyu kushiyaki don,
2 plates of salmon sushi,
2 plates of inari sushi.
Of course thats not enough for me.LOL
But have to cut off budget bcuz it is
arise and build season.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wishful Thinking

After went back from shopping,
Back to the same old grind...
You were supposed to call me tonight,
But you did not...
A short message *buzz*
How beautiful it'd be...
I would have said "I miss you"
in the cutest place on the earth,
where some lullabies are dancing
with the fairies.
I knew you'd be here,
now wrapped in moonlight.
At last together,
here in the incandescent glow,
I hope..