Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something inside me came Alive

It's been so long that i have not
upload a post.
Here... I went and i came back from
Three places..
Tg. Malim, Ipoh and Taiping..
I really enjoy eating chinese dishes
and they were everywhere.
The most special 1 is
the freshly cured salmon. Cun*
besides that, i managed to get
lots of angpau. Can't imagine
how much LUI*(money in hokkien) it is XD
Focus group is the awful thing
which caused me cannot go Genting
with parents.. Sucka*
Hope i can go through with it.
It's hard to believe this
The end will never come
It's me again and again... HOMEALONE
Suddenly someone will stare
in the window.
Looking outside at the sky
that had never been blue.
But still,
There is HOPE to guide me,
I will survive.