Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Super Impose.inc

There survived an unhappy child.

Compact machine =》

Method= Healing wand tool, Vertical shadow, Pen tool, Match colour adjustment, resize, and etc.

Estimate it will be done by 30 minutes.

Nothing much!

I will try to upload more.
stay tuned!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

【Waving My Hand in Land of Abyss】

I started in a place so dark, you can hardly see.
Darkness holding me tightly until hardly breathe.
I'm pretty anxious from the top to the bottom, hence i'm confused.
Listen to the sound, i chasing upside down.
Hiding from left to the right playing Pi-Ka-Boo.
Water sprayed to my chest yet fragrance be the decoration.
I'm sick for the tension, hunger seeking for Inspiration.
Freedom no longer can be seen,
No body's know the reason why.
If you like me but who has the broken hearted.
Call me blind when i did not see you are coming,
everyone was running but i could not hear nothing except
Gun blast. It happened so fast.
I was given the world to explore myself.
Perhaps same situation but different faces,
living six feet under.
Desperate for Love....

【Peu soucieux de tout】Little anxious of everything