Sunday, December 28, 2008

Moonmist Dreamer

Wreak on me, perhaps i'm no good.
The siren... I beat myself against your thigh and spit
before leaving the woodshed.
Again and again,
You engraved me with the Cold and blank
behind your smile.
It was a deep down in those big black eyes
there was no expression at all.
From that moment and through everything that followed,
Hmm... Lonely boy's poem screwed up your day
She's no real trouble.
She smells a little velvet for me.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Intention of Disappointment

A lie is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement with the purpose to take in, often with the further purpose to maintain a secret or reputation, to protect someone's feelings from getting hurt, or to avoid punishment. I had been stuck with something for many years. It called "intention" was- Nat telling me to leave but hands beg me to stay. Her lips say that love but her heart say that she hate.
Shift back to past few years, I am senseless with some possible question, like "what is your intention being with me?" I answered "I don't know." Nat said to lie is to state something one believes is false with the intention that it be taken for the truth by someone else. No doubt, both of us knew it was not the right answer. The intent neither here nor there. I attempted to be a deli worker, but any way I sliced it, I could not cut the mustard. My last job was working at Starbucks, but I had to quit because it was always the same old grind.
Life full with lies yet intent exists everywhere. A guy with good intent might not have good-looking but he purposely want to make things right. Just both do not know how to settle it down and seen it as the lies by opponent. The truth of a liar is a person who is lying, who has previously lied, or who tends by nature to lie repeatedly.
Again and again, I been told even a true statement can be considered a lie if the person making that statement is doing so to deceive. In this situation, it is the intent of being untruthful rather than the truthfulness of the statement itself that is considered. Intention, if you like me but who has the broken hearted. Call me blind when I did not see she is coming. She was running so fast but I could not hear nothing except gun blast. It happened so fast.
She promise me the sky with trillion of star, then toss me like a stone. There's truth in her lies doubt in her faith. What she had built she laid to waste. It seemed so, the intent of her being honest with me just a Temporary.
A lie with intent is a worry in the might and a misery in the day. If there were any good in it, I would not be called an intent guy and I would not have dropped it. I have a friend, we have known each other for many years. He is an intelligent mute than an ignorant talker and also a guy with no intention. Whenever things come to him, there will be solution.
Lying is typically used to refer to deceptions in oral or written communication. Other forms of deception, such as disguises or forgeries, are generally not considered lies, though the underlying intent may be the same. I am disappointed with intention.

Friday, December 12, 2008

One moment in Twilight

Again and again, It been a long time since i have watched a movie. Perhaps up until someday the emphasis would have been on the possibility of making life better. It comes and goes; like nightfall. Edward and Bella, the trigger that makes me turned upside down. No Doubt, I don't mind if i get to watch 1 more time. I just won't get bored. Further, Cutting out GingerBread people. She has the gorgeous smile ever.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Chosen 1..

Hot stuff will launch on early Jan.
Pls proceed to the IACT counter and purchase it.
thank you

Disappointment[My ENG Assignment]

I have tried to employ different ways of thinking about the world. Lies and truth. to criticise each other and bring together both sides of the equation in the same place. Perhaps up until 100 years ago the point would have been on the possibility of making life better; at the moment I believe, we can only make life better if we can recognise the dark side, the side of disappointment. I am living in it all the time. Hence why the momentum to write this without storyline just begun.

Will post it once i have done.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

In Pieces I Swore

Someday, i will promise the sky,
then toss me like a stone.
The Hidden Path.
Impluses, 5 senses that creates impulses and stored in different locations on the brain. Auditory, I heard the echoic..
Perhaps It's just delusion, or a trick of senses.
I wrapped myself, Don't lie.
There's truth in my lies,
Doubt in my faith.
I laid to waste in prison,
parole maybe.
Stimulus doesn't suit me,
In pieces, I chose to be alone,
Alone with all my secrets,
regrets possibly.
I'm indulged... Ego centred...
Telling myself to go,
hands beg me to stay.
Lips say that I love,
eyes say that I hate.
Who's next to be my console.
In pieces i swore, There will be No 1.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

6 hours hand-writting( My very own version) CinderLala

There lived an unhappy girl. Lala was given by her mother. She understood that she had never really forgiven herself for not daring to look her father in the eye as death approached. Her father’s eyes had exhausted her trying to make contact, until finally they closed in loneliness. She was a strip dancer, the routine keep recycling 24/7. She wore colorful feather dresses and danced hot dances on the stage, lifting thighs to reveal underwear and petticoats with lace embroidery on the edges. She emanated a light body scent peculiar to women that grabbed hold of one’s olfactory nerves with a lucid jolt. Father’s eyes were forever asking something from her.
Ended up wishful thinking in dawn, she walked down to the night market before going to work far from home. Again and again, she saw the forlorn hurt in her father’s eyes, until it seemed she lived only to please those eyes. Further, she knew that no matter how brilliantly she’d done in her studies, no matter how highly her character was praised by others, all for previous efforts were in vain. Father’s eyes only reminded her of her guilt and remorse. Surviving a broken heart for 3 years and being molested for a period of times.
She has escaped from the haunt. Since then, she moved out from the mansion to live a new life. No doubt, she left with clothes and her beloved mother’s picture along with her, it was 1998. It been 3 years since she worked in a fabulous strip bar which located in the center of town, Los Angeles. Continuing her wandering, she took no notice of her feet, which had now lost all feeling, just like this cold stranger of a city where nobody noticed she’d walked up and down this same night market scores of times. When her father died she had felt freed of a heavy burden. Probing further, she even uncovered on all but imperceptible feeling of joy. In other hand, had mother lived longer, she would sooner or later have had to get married and produce a son. Added to that was the way father always made her share responsibility for her own nostalgia because she was the only child.
She had reached the dance floor earlier as usual. The show was about to start at 9pm. So sudden, Sarah whispered her ears from left to the right. Sarah said: “meet me at the backstage right after the show.” And she replied: “sure” without hesitating. Her secret love affair with the lead dancer, expressed only in the silent understanding that existed between them, made her feel an inviolable bond that united them through good and ill. In a way she even felt tonight’s performance would be performing through Sarah’s body. They stepping forward only to circle back again in a perfect expression of the joy and anxiety of a human mother. Making peoples in the bar full of desire for hours. They have become the red light on the night. It was not the same anymore; Lala has her own career and partner who love her. The drama of her pervious life turned her to this way, a Lesbian.
After the performance, Lala waited at the backstage exit as they’d arranged. Sarah appeared sooner than expected and grabbed her hands and gave her a smoother kiss on her forehead. They ran to wood village, some remnant face powder still clung to the hair at Lala’s temples, and Sarah brushed it away. Sarah said excitedly, “ just now on stage I had an inspiration- I thought of something I want to give you.
Lala thought to herself, “Actually, you have already given me a great gift.” She had not quite recovered from her shaken state after seeing the performance, and when she spoke her voice was rather uneven. “Watching you on stage just now, I thought of something too. I decided I will go back to see my old home on the mainland, Detroit. Even if what I see is not what I have imagined, that can only shatter my father’s dream, not me. Whether it’s a beautiful dream or a nightmare, it’s time it was laid to rest. Sarah says nothing but sigh.
Lala thought of the night they had spent together on the bank of Hudson River, tow days before she left. The waters were vast and the surface of the river reflected the moon at the center of the sky confounding all sense of direction. Lala had said that “when she went home to Detroit, they would once again be like two stones on shore, gazing at each other across the sea, able to meet when the sea dried up.
Sarah had given a bright laugh and said, “look what you are missing by not being able to swim. If it were not for that you could dive under water and take a look, and you will find that even though these two stones on the shore lie on opposite banks, beneath the sea the land is all one.”
Is the world under the sea really so wonderful? Lala decided the first thing she would do when she arrived in Detroit was learn to swim. Then she could dive into ocean and see for herself.
She prayed hard to God on that night after separated with Sarah. She bend down her knees on the floor and lift up her hands in front of the cinders, she asked God it that the way you want me to live forever? She cried and craving for the answer. Eventually, God has no answered her question but she knew God will provides and lead her to the path. Once again, she left her home in Los Angeles and back to her mainland, Detroit. As she lie down to her greeny bed, She has come to the point of her life for making decision. She does not think that Sarah would be enough for her to spend together until the day she dies. She is 22 years old on this coming summer, was not too late for her to choose but her memories still haunt her even though her father has buried sixth feet under. She been told “when life is not the way you like it, like it the way it is” by her mother when she was young.
She traveled in haste to the Neverland which problems does not existed, where peoples never get polluted. But she knew it was just a dream. Hence why she hated so much to sleep rather than taking a nap.
The mourn morning; she walked down early to the fish market as she could not sleep properly. She took no notice of her feet again, which had now lost all feeling too, just like this cold stranger of a city where nobody noticed she’d walked up and down this same market scores of times. These times was not the same, an explosive face in yellow skin, six feet tall with rounded muscular and curl hairy head. It never happens for her since that long, her blood pressure goes high and heart get pumped water tank. She knew that she’s going insane with this guy. But the promises for Sarah could not be abandoned.
Once again, she prayed in the corner of street. She asked God: “ Is that the guy you want to give it to me, your daughter?”
Eventually, the guy called Liam appeared in front of her and invites her to his party. She was shocked at the moments because God did listened to her prays. She answered “Yes.”
At last the happy day came; she attended the party like no others. She wore like an angel. Probably the best costume in that party. She met with Liam again. But no body knows she was a strip dancer and she has forgotten that she was once. She is too humble because this is the only way engender herself to emerge. Time has grown so fast, they get married after 3 month they have met each other.
It being unfair to keep Sarah waited so long in Los Angeles. Sarah took a chance and traveled to Detroit. She followed the address given by Lala probably few months ago, and she discovered that the mansion was empty. She was confused and do not know what is she going to do next. She walked down whole Detroit just to look after her lover. Finally, somewhere between Julys, accidentally she met Lala’s husband on the fish market and Sarah asked him about Lala. Liam told Sarah about Lala and he was married couple months ago. Glass broken into pieces, Sarah ran like wind runner. She could not seen this as reality and she do not believe what Lala have done to her. The opposite of Love was Hate. Sarah bought a knife in fish market and waiting night approaching. During that night, the gate of Liam’s house opened widely. It seemed there is high chances for him to get assassinate. Without a minute, Sarah faced revenge on Lala’s lover. Sarah wants to let her suffer what she suffered before. Knife stabled hit on target, blood spreading out like tomato sauce from Liam’s stomach. It’s too late for Lala has a wonderful ending; everything has gone in a moment. She has fallen apart forever, ever and ever.
1561 words

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am not protagonist. So obvious

This is the bible i bought from MPH. It took me ages to get a bible. Hereafter, bible study will get started as soon as i could. The peachstone no longer exist and the guilty sky covered in gray. I looked through the window above my feet and folded my hands behind my head. An elbow grazed on her shoulder. The touch of cloth on her skin startled her. She had forgotten i had not taken off my button. At least it seemed so. A few red flowers on the table, some myrtle tied around the handle of the flatiron holding the door open for a breeze calmed her. Since then, the remedy cured her miserable heart. It was difficult for a person like you soaked up Umeshu. No doubt, it has proven by your attitude. So sudden, i came to this chapter " Exodus." The solution of overall. Sunset to Dawn. Hence, Lullaby sung in short term. Bristle have grown, long and longer.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Breathe has taken away Me

=======================Circle makes thing goes round. I walked in the same haste, following the same way. Until he said Stop!! Well well well! Guess you guys get curios with this toy? Isn't that cool? yeah... No doubt... Brand new super tunnel car from Nissan. (Skyline R-35 GTR) with 22'inch tyres. Sounds no wrong. It has become japanese Ferrari. ROFLMAO... Spending a few hours in LX-Mode Company really awesome. After that, i went back to Ian's hse. His mum cooked so many nice dishes until craving for it. Yup! i have done with it. NOw what?? Dota-- For ages i did not walk in to CC. Although it was fun but i still prefer to stay with my own computer. Nothing can be compared with it. The next evening, I worked like shyt. A fatigue bartender..... Taking my 'necklace' i have wore for red day, surrender from lying down(Gethsemane.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have bought this book which cost me rm 52.90 in Borders. Firstly, I'm so anxious with the Non-fiction book. When Jo(lecturer) introduced us about this book, I was like "wow.'' Thus i went to The Garden and purchase it. So sudden, i felt there are torns of stone on me. I can't climb up, hence why i'm so tired weaken by Ass-ignments, Novel, Design and Arise and build Fund. But i believe that HE will guides me the wisdom to solve it and create a path for me. Struggle haunt me, i'm not affraid of it. Seemed every of little things has become a challege for me. He has gave me the sign to bless me, therefore I only have to work hard on it and achieve the bless. Never felt like that b4. My relatives, whom kept arguing with me about religious. Ok! Come on.. I knew you guys are buddishm and i do respect It. But at least respect me as well. I'm human-being too. :) While listening to 3C album. I see the rising sun and it only just begun. It takes me all the way to the start. My life my ticket, journey keep on moving forward. Pen off and read my "Beloved."

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good bye Proverty!

The night i have spent with them. They traveled all the way from sabah.
It been ages since we have talked... Stop by the nearest bar " laundry''
3.Teck Liang
Hmm, just came back from service... Pastor taught a great cermon... and I do appreciate it very much. Be generous.... There is 1 part we supposed to stand up and bless the people you want... Without hesitating, i took half of my property and give it to neilson's father. WOW! Such a great feeling.... Therefore, his father gave me too.... Another south african sister actually blessed me with her only rm10 ringgit. Of course i'm happy but i did not keep it... I gave it to eric... Everyone has received equal gift by peoples around. Love has no boundaries.... Do not ask any from GOD if you are not hardworking enough, do work hard and you will receive yours someday... So Brothers and Sisters work hard for the Arise and Build, build the future together and emerge.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


There survived an unhappy child.

Compact machine =》

Method= Healing wand tool, Vertical shadow, Pen tool, Match colour adjustment, resize, and etc.

Estimate it will be done by 30 minutes.

Nothing much!

I will try to upload more.
stay tuned!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

【Waving My Hand in Land of Abyss】

I started in a place so dark, you can hardly see.
Darkness holding me tightly until hardly breathe.
I'm pretty anxious from the top to the bottom, hence i'm confused.
Listen to the sound, i chasing upside down.
Hiding from left to the right playing Pi-Ka-Boo.
Water sprayed to my chest yet fragrance be the decoration.
I'm sick for the tension, hunger seeking for Inspiration.
Freedom no longer can be seen,
No body's know the reason why.
If you like me but who has the broken hearted.
Call me blind when i did not see you are coming,
everyone was running but i could not hear nothing except
Gun blast. It happened so fast.
I was given the world to explore myself.
Perhaps same situation but different faces,
living six feet under.
Desperate for Love....

【Peu soucieux de tout】Little anxious of everything

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Martial art+Dance+self-Defense=WMAC


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It comes and goes. It dissolved like salt

>>The day before randall goes to Manchester! we had torns of fun up there. Luna Bar!!
It been a long time did not upload new post!
sigh* Things has changed a lot when i first started step on the land of abyss.
I have learned to be realistic than materialistic.
pretty satisfied with everything i had! Perhaps i found the last resort. ^^
Getting a new part-time job on friday after the exam.
Try to save up some income and redeem a ticket to somewhere else.
Location still unidentified~
It has been raining all night..
Was a cold and long night..
Wishful Thinking made me
looks energetic yet i am so tired.
I am wondering why it comes and goes.
It dissolved like salt.
*I have mentioned earlier(wishful thinking)
I have met my old-friend ying swan yesterday and we chat through Msn.
Kinda shocked after several years I have totally lost contact
with her and now she's back.
Final presentation will be on friday.
very tension and anxious to know the result.
Maturity engender to emerge!

Monday, October 6, 2008


-This ad shows the guy need a reliable running shoe.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Discern the Black and Gray

I'm satisfied with everything i had.
Take a look at the vector art. I spent 2 night-shift
to finish it. It was Amazing, Awesome.
Therefore, It given a name called '' Discern the Black and Gray."
Stay tuned!
Please comment it...
This unusual advertisement shows the clever use of colour creates attraction and impression. From this advertisement, there are only two attractive colours which is Black and Gray. Firstly, Gray is a neutral, balanced color. It is a cool and surrounded all over the background. Secondly, It is a conservative color that seldom evokes strong emotion although it can be seen as a cloudy or moody color. Thirdly, all shades of gray can be good, neutral background colors can be seen in this advertisement. Black, the favourite color of teenagers, black makes you feel sexy, and mysterious. Black considered the negation of color and conservative, goes well with almost any color except the very dark. It also has conflicting connotations. It can be serious and conventional. In this advertisement, black used to replace other colours because i found that black was sophisticated. Smooth, hueless can be sensed in the advertisement. Black flowers. Many say black represents death and can thus be used as a symbol to express vengeance towards a foe. But others interpret that more liberally, suggesting as a meaning for black flowers the death of old habits, thus signaling a rebirth. A man who lift up his hands represented freedom. Circles can be found everywhere in this advertisement. The circle is exist before the beginning of recorded history. Circle is useful in mathematics but it also nice to be a combination in art.
As a conclusion, all artists dream of a silence which they must enter, as some creatures return to the sea to spawn-Iris Murdoch, Let the Black and Gray continue to delighting your way.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Endlessly Love

Far apart, Close in heart.
It has been so long since we have talked.
I hope that things are still the same and
hoping they will never change.
First, I would like to thank you for giving me such a great moment
and I do appreciate the moment we had together.
Second, We has been through so many thing
and i do believe' someday, we will be together.'
Third, I hope you hide in my arms. I hope we won't be seperated
and getting so sweet to death.
Although I know there's much to fear
But someday we'll know. Why the sky is Blue?
Someday we'll know why I wasn't meant to you.
Let me escort you to the land that time forgot,
and happy ever after.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


"When a newly married couple smiles, everyone knows why.
When a ten-year married couple smiles, everyone wonders why."

I have been to college earlier this morning for Drama and presentation discussion. Things made me very pissed off when 1 of my group member actually failed to turn up during the discussion. I was like what the fish with her? As a Leader, i couldn't manage to call for recruitment and we were like sitting there for few hours doing nothing. LOL
Shift to the next discussion- The english Drama. Somewhere around the playground, we're doing sound check and discussing what material should buy for the Play. Hmm, it took 3 hours to finish all those stuff and then we spread out to go home.
Night- i went to cellgroup... i am so inspired by tonight. it's about maturity ! Majority of my friends think that i'm lost of something. I can surely tell you that is maturity. Maturity is Full development/Perfected condition. From now onwards, I'll make miracle ! Stay tuned
Miss you Angel Eve..

Chill, Chat, Ciaozz

Everytime I call my friend on the phone at his office, his secretary Ms. Jacq says to me, "please Hole-on!" I am still trying to figure out what she means by that! ROFLMAO

Hanling had been walking for whole day,

He had been to Pavilion,Sungei Wang,StarHill, and Times Square.

Eventually He met Evelyn. It's been a long time.

They went to a cafe and started chit-chatting.

Both enjoyed the moment.

As the time not allowed them to talk longer,

They have to spread out.

When he stare out from the building, the world looked like Shit*.

It has been raining all afternoon.

After the dinner with KaiLoon,Mable, and Khairy.

They have been walking non-stop for 2 hours before going home

Good night Malaysia ! Don't sell the Maps !

Miss you Angel Eve !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Active or Passive? Be The Judge...

I was on a long flight to S'pore the other day. As the flight would take 5 hours, i thought i'd better get a good refreshing sleep before landing. Much later, i was awakened by the air hostess and she asked me if i would like to have my dinner . I asked her whether there were any choices. She said there were two choices: YES or NO ! ROFLMAO..

Finally, i've done all the assignments and hand in by time. While hanging around in college, i met Cayman once again. She had been helped me to finish my task for twice ! Thanks a lot...
Haha... Not Monday, Wednesday neither... It's tuesday ! Me and eric went to GYM... and soon, we're going to show neilson some real power. He's coming to KL this November.
Hmm... I would like to share something here. Last night, We were driving all the way to The curve. We're out to dinner in T.G.I fridays. That was Hilarious. I had been waiting this for ages... we have Delvin,Pohling,Randall,Edwin,Vera,Eric and me in house:)
I am so sure to tell you that the enviroment was awesome ! I ordered an appetizer(boneless wings), en-tree (chicken cutlet), and a dessert(Chocolate Malt Cake).. Woohoo....I was tucking away at the food. Melt down my mouth ! After the dinner, The party get started .. haha We went to cheras to pick up JUN and CASSEY. Guess what, we're heading to Luna bar. Therefore, HMM i never bargain for it. Just once a while :) We arrived the bar. If there is a chance, i would like to move into this place and be my last resort. Sigh ! I did not make it to take much pic. But i will upload it once i get it from Randall and Edwin.. Hmm.. they're heading to Manchester. Wish you guys all the best ! Since tomorrow is holiday, i'll get my ass off to sleep straight away. Tomorrow is a new day... Ciaozzzz

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"I thought you knew where you were going"

Three country bumpkins were in a car on their way to Sunway Lagoon. They saw a sign which says: SUNWAY LAGOON LEFT so they all went home !

It's been a long time,
I dreamt about you.
Was a long and cold August,
we're holding each other tightly.
It was so amazing,
You melt into my chest.
I found it hard to love,
Perhaps i never had it before.
Until the day you told me through the signal,
i did not know what it was that i have forgotten.
You says i always cannot find way out in Love,
but i can surely tell you the only way OUT is IN.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last week, Chris Brown went to body check up somewhere in Damansara. Doctor said if he don't give up playing the drums, he'll be dead before month is over. I said ''MY GOODNESS ! Why is that ? Chris replied '' because the doctor's his downstair's neighbour. ROFLMAO

What you guys understand about ''Wishful thinking'' ?

Feel free to tell me... I am looking for the answer...

My ads

Thursday, September 4, 2008



Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I think therefore I am

How can you see it through my eyes,
like open doors.
Without a soul,
my spirit sleeping somewhere cold.
Heart nausea,
brought me no awareness.
But things changed,
until you came to my mind.
But things have been changing so fast,
I do not understand when is this feeling disappeared,
I may be wishful thinking.
Your smile is like sunshine,
lit up my life.
I hope there will be no end of story,
As a non-stop river water flow.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Emerge 2008

1. beauty pageant 2008(VU) Miss Hannah
2. N.E.R.D
3. ManHunt 2008 (VU) Chris
4. Fashion Spring and Summer 2008 Model Jocelyn. My Housemate
The backward mobility.
Culture, Language, dressing, changes names and Jobs.
I heard the guitar playing hooks.
I sensed the Vocal whispering me and the Drum pumped my heart softly.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

When i was 18, i attempted to be a deli worker, but any way i sliced it, I couldn't cut the mustard.
My best job was being a musician, but eventually I found I wasn't noteworthy.
I studied a long time to become a doctor, but i didn't have any patience.
Next was a job in shoe factory; i tired but i just didn't fit in.
I became a professional fisherman, but discovered that i couldn't live on my net income.
Thought about becoming a witch, so i tried that for a spell.
I got a job at a zoo feeding giraffes but i was fired because i was too short to feed it.
So then i got a job in a gym and work-out centry. SIGH ! but they said i wasn't fit for the job.
Next, i found being an electrician interesting, but the work was shocking.
After many years of trying to find steady work, i finally got a job as a historian until i realized there was no future in it. ROFLMAO.
My last job was working at Starbucks, but i had to quit because it was always the same old grind.
So I retired, and i found i am perfect to go to COLLEGE. i am 19 years old now LOL

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Experienced can discern the brilliance in the black and white of life

Can u differentiate between the black and white ?
There are several ways to find out...
Firstly, because a barrier exists between the black and white, They need to talk to each other personally in order to break through it. After evaluating the pains and hurts that both sustained through the cold war, they realized that maybe it's going to be a waste of being hurt by another person who was closet to black/white.
Secondly, Being understanding to each other is one of the ways to turn them into a fair color(Grey). The brilliance in the black and white of life is actually Grey.
Grey doesn't mean no good, but it represented the black and white.
Finally, Black decided to put a stop to this and settle thing to the way things were.
White accepted his apology.
Black and white have come a long way and made their life even richer.

Monday, August 25, 2008

kalan tuonut minut tänne (French)

Midnight whispering !
Since i am still awake,
I stare out to the window.
I am so curious to this world,
who has brought me here ?
(qui ont m'a amené ici)
I'm frustated, scared and tired.
I ain't tough at all,
i am so weak.
Perhaps i lost too much.
What should i do ?
Breakthrough it...
Need solution ><

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Burning Heart, burning Soul

It's Sunday.
As usual, i stay up early in the morning
and get well prepared to go to service.
Me and eric went to 7 eleven to purchase some foods
to feed our stomach. ROFLMAO.
9.30am~ Pastor started to give us preaching..
Honestly, he looks funny today and the most important part is
tomorrow is Pastor Birthday. Absolutely not going to mention his
age. He was beginning to feel his age. ^^
keep it on Pastor, Let it burn !
City Harvest Roxx
I need to have commitment !

Displacement of moving mountains

Was a cold and long night,
i stare in front of my monitor.
Winds gone wild, raining heavily so sudden.
Finally, i found the pieces of 'Annabelle' notes.
Although i can't read those notes,
but i'm still satisfied. ^^
Tick tack tick tack*
Seeking inspiration to get the phone ads.
Flash~ it reminds me about you !
2 lands with 3 grounds(chinese verb), we're far from each other.
The mee with tomato and top-up(parmesan cheese), delicious !
The land below the wind, The origin of me.
Wishing to fly across the seas,
and get back to meet you.
Chronosphere time...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Alchemy Of Love

I found a nice phrase " Young men should see visions, Old man should dream dreams" .
There is such a power which absorb me lead to you,
You're so attractive.
Love, at first sight.. You're incredible....
The Atmosphere, we have first met..
Such a precious moment ruined without a second.
Everything ! Timing is blind.
We're found accidentally,
The distance nor schedule become foe.
The sight with which you see,
It's a seated figure.
Sing in to the night,
i'm drowning into abyss ...(BED) meaning : its my closing

Monday, August 11, 2008

Shared values of fortune-teller

There she goes again !
she said bla bla bla bla bla...

Stormy night, raining heavily out there. i sat in front of my monitor .

Was it a curse ? i'm drowning... august ends up with single ! LOL .. That's pretty shit !

I sing along the night,

I walked down the street,

The moon delighting my way,

and i'm holding on the empty bottle(KAMPAI).
emptiness nor empty.

A bunch of bees(ass-ignments) was chasing after me,

I ran and falls down,

deep into abyss(my bed),

I knew i can't be helped.

Helplessness of surface life

Hope there is one day,

Somewhere in the crystal lake(resort),

With the angel i been looking for,

Emerge of living eternity(at least 1 day PLS :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Last Resort

I don't know when I lost it. Perhaps I don't know if i ever had it. But i had seen the Love and I do not want it. This is what i looks like from the front ! I hate to be unappreciated and there were unashamed tears in my eyes ! I'm still living for you and i've learnt what is the best for both of us. Overall, This is my last resort .

Monday, July 21, 2008

2.00 am Escort me tonight !

It been a long time since i get laid into my studies and have not much leisure time to drop my daily post . I'm blessed by YOU my LORD of Jesus. I felt that you're be with me. I'm not longer alone. I have my target , my carrier and so on. I know these are just a beginning and i have more to go through. However, i will try my very best to achieve it. I'm so impress with Kl living lifestyle, they're fast, efficient and good in everything compares to sabah . But there is 1 thing good about sabah is the slow growing and relaxing lifestyle. LOL ! i have learned from Mistake is never Final and Failure is never Fatal. As a youth of 21th century, i should dream dreams widely . Well, i'm paralyzed on my relationship... It's a barrier between it, i wish i could break it . Could it be possible for me to do it ? It's still a question !

Monday, July 7, 2008

The first day of Reborn

Here is my schedule of the day.
I went to college in the early morning by taking ride of randall's car .
I'm kinda strange with the arrangement made by the college ,
because there is no any other male student except me for july in-take.
There is 6 girls and 1 guy[ that's me ] .
After the simple explanation has been made by Ms Vicky,
i had lunch with few of them, LOL.
And now , i'm sitting right behind my monitor while typing
my daily post. I feel nothing, absolutely nothing .
I miss you badly.

Thursday, July 3, 2008



Thursday, June 26, 2008

[The Sharpest Lies]

Lies and The Lying Liar

~A lie is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement with the intention to deceive, often with the further intention to maintain a secret or reputation, to protect someone's feelings from getting hurt, or to avoid punishment. To lie is to state something one believes is false with the intention that it be taken for the truth by someone else. A liar is a person who is lying, who has previously lied, or who tends by nature to lie repeatedly.
~Lying is typically used to refer to deceptions in oral or written communication. Other forms of deception, such as disguises or forgeries, are generally not considered lies, though the underlying intent may be the same; however, even a true statement can be considered a lie if the person making that statement is doing so to deceive. In this situation, it is the intent of being untruthful rather than the truthfulness of the statement itself that is considered. I am an easy-going person. Well, life full with lies.. Sometimes, it's really hard to differentiate whether it is true or false . I'm stucked on behind . I called it "liar liar pant on fire" roflmao. 7 more days to go and for me , Lie is a weapon to cover or protect . It is a useful as my last resort . Have you seen Mr. kentucky before , He is huge and tough old folk. He named 'KFC' as Kentucky fried chicken. We love to eat KFC but we don't know the true story of KFC . Listen ! It is Kentucky Fuck chicken .. ^^

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Double-faced me

I am afraid, afraid of you.
I don't mean to say that to you,
I am too emotional, couldn't control my temperature.
I am sorry too...
Today i woke up by your message,
I told myself to forgive and forget...
Wish i can shift back the moment we had together !
Well ! My life is a poem that shakes the heart,
it's long and beautiful .
You can't see me by ordinary eyes,
but try with your heart , touch me either.
Maybe you can found the thing i lost
Long.. Long time ago.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

a Tribute of Storm and Fire

Geetzz.... I almost fully use up my savings for june ! I am very mad on you . I couldn't find a reason to stop my madness . Stop using 'I don't know in front of me. You just making me insane . I can't feel we're truly loving each other and i don't see the point either ! If sorry really works , i won't be like that since beginning . I found dishonest on you.. I do believe you since we knew each other but things changed when you start hiding ******from me. It just makes me uncomfortable, i noticed that your getting selfish and greedy lately . I'm straight-forward. I don't want hide it from you or whatever . Please correct it . If you're mad when u saw this passage, feel free to call me . At least i can listen to your opinion and your explanation . Further more , i'm tired enough.... There's a fucking brick-wall between you and me ... It's up to you whether you want to break it or maintain the wall blocked us

dedicated to my precious babe

Wish you get well soon my babe olivia...
you're always the best
take care

Friday, June 20, 2008

The truth of a Lie

I'm cold ... everything was a mess .
I never been to north pole but i can feel i'm
permanently covered with constantly shifting sea ice
it hurted me from outside to inside, into my bones.
Lie awake in bed at cold night, and think about your life.
Do you want to be different?
Try to let go of the truth, the pressure of your youth
"Follow me" i said
'Cause this is just an illusion'
It's a beautiful lie, a perfect denial either.
Such a beautiful lie to believe in.
So beautiful, beautiful it makes me.
It's time to forget about the past and keep on moving forward.
To wash away what happened last night
Hide behind an empty face and everyone's looking at me cause i'm running around in circles.
A quiet desperation's building higher
I've got to remember this forever
it's just you and me
Far apart close in heart.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[Cont] The real abyss on plain, The Pelagic

What about if someday you fall into a place called "abyss" ?

Is it possibly for humans to save you or get you out from abyss ?

Get down and think twice...

The abyssal zone is the Pelagic zone that contains the very deep benthic communities near the bottom of oceans. Abyss is from the Greek word meaning bottomless sea. At depths of 4,000 to 6,000 meters (13,123 to 19,685 feet), this zone remains in perpetual darkness and never receives daylight. Its permanent inhabitants – for example, the Black swallower, tripod fish, deep-sea anglerfish, and the giant squid – are able to withstand the immense pressures of the ocean depths, up to 76 megapascals (11,000 psi). Many abyssal creatures have underslung jaws to sift through the sand to catch food. The deep trenches or fissures that plunge down thousands of feet below the ocean floor – for example, the midoceanic trenches such as the Mariana Trench in the Pacific – are almost unexplored. Only the bathyscaph Trieste and the remote control submarine Kaiko have been able to descend to these depths. These regions are also characterized by continuous cold and lack of nutrients. The abyssal zone has temperatures around 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, but 13-15°C in the Mediterranean Sea.
The area below the Abyssal Zone is the sparsely inhabited Hadal zone. The zone above is the Bathyal Zone. These three zones belong to the deep-sea realm. Above on the continental platform there are respectively the Circalittoral, Infralittoral, Mediolittoral and Supralittoral Zones . The photic zone is independent from this classification.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

[Cont] The abyss of guilty sky

Please visit reading while listening to instrumental song is best ever combination. Babe i strickly hope you to press the link.
thank you for your co-operation.

I woke up in the morning , feel like i'm worst living in the world . The only music shakes my heart all these days and it called "instrumental" . Sometimes is pretty hard to make a decision and sometimes it's harder for everyone of us to breathe . But i like to make my decision while listening to instrumental music. It makes me feel like i'm sitting under a Oak tree behind a small pond. Awesome.... Imagination was apart of me, i ain't creative enough but i used to think a lot when i have my space to do my stuff. The thing which keep remind me all the time is "YOU" my precious babe olivia. [Understanding] I learned it the hard way. i been taught to understand and common courtesy. However, i'm pretty avoid to Materialistic,sarcastic, and careless person. That's me... Once i write it on the blank white paper, it will never be the same like before. Make no mistake in your life so there will be no ink left on your page, and you will be the pure and beautiful forever. Natalie... i do remember you told me about 'nothing is perfect' . Silly me... i was about to challenge your words ... i know that's absolutely fucking wrong because you're right.

Guess what ! i'm grown and i believe in JESUS but not myself . I couldn't settle everything by myself without helps . I mean not everything maybe certain thing ! ROFLMAO .. Worst is not the thing i should fear about , the true will stand on my side and keep delighting me always.
Someday, i'll walk alone and climb into rooftops to see the thousand of star shining in the dark sky. There will be a guardian or angel appears by time and take me away . She flew me to the sky , My eyes has closed tightly and my heart as well , shout like madness and end up with falling .

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Never lie yourself from getting benefits

Today we have great sales in N-store.... As usual, i set up the shop and serve whoever come in to n-store..... i'm pretty curious with a customer who gave me rm183.40 but the shoes is only rm173.40 after discount. You knw ! As a responsible assistant Manager must be honest to the customers or whatever. Without wasting my times, i just give back the extra 10 ringgit to the right customer. i don't want to take this small benefit because it's not belongs to me. In addition , i'm a worker . i'm glad i have made the right choices..
Thanx GOD for giving me confident and support or whatever it is ... THANX
Remember. Never be greedy in any situation . it might lead you guilty.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Over The Rainbow {Expres Love}

"The Happening"
Last nite i went to cinema with my friends.
i didn't plan to watch a movie cause i was waiting for my mum
to fetch me after have a drinks with them . been staying at shop for whole day just enough
to make me exhausted. Since my mum told me to follow my friend , i watched this "The happening" It's not a horror movie, supernatural either . It's about the plantation engender acid to affect humans reaction . sound pretty scary isn't it ? This will happens when there is more population of human in certain places . More than that, this kind of acid could lead someone to commit suicide. Anyway, this can be true in reality cause i searched YAHOO , there's few cases about plantation could affect humans reaction. But we can't admit it is 100 % true ..HEHE... The scientific still doing reasearch on that . LOL... Global warming, Earthquake, terrorist, and etc.
It is a sign by the GOD or wat ? Jesus Cracker !!!
Well... back to weight of the world .. Emm.. babe .. i'm leaving on 2nd of july , it's afternoon flight.
I don't think you can ask your sister to send me or wat... Cause you have to go to school... The timing not right.. I was thinking how should i bring the desktop from sabah to KL.. ROFLMAO.
By the way , i will bring the doll along my journey like i miss you every single second. Maybe i ain't the good 1 but i believe i might be your great 1 someday later. Just be patient... No matter what going on between you and me .. Please solve it together and think twice before you make a decision so i won't worry too much on you babe... Maybe we separate isn't a good solution for both but I will try my best cause i want to meet you, kiss you, hear you, whisper in your ear..I wish you be my side now and forever.

always heart you
my beloved Wen Lee

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rising Sun

^^^^ a great buddy of mine who stayed at KL named tricia single but not available kinda naughty and she is so 粗鲁

Tuesday... i can clearly see the cloudy black black sky out there with no star. I'm pretty happy cause i've done everything by today such as my course fee, bank account and etc. Babe.. I'm so glad that You have be my company since last month and been through everything together.. Well.. i just can't wait for sunday... The day i waited so long.... has finally arrived... Pretending LOL... As u can see , i'm a normal guy .. so this is totally not unusual ... I am heat like an oven !!

Babe i love you ! muckss

take notes,

(Please highlight all the sentences)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Somewhere I Belong

Once again, i switched on my monitor. i'm pretty tired for this moment. Been walking for more than 7 Km if not mistaken. But things which keep turning in my mind is YOU babe. I'm worried about you. You're just like Pearl for me, treasured and love you. But i really don't understand and i would like to know what place i stand inside your heart ? it is my heart still locked in your memories ? The pain come out from the bottom of my heart and every pain has a beginning somewhere and an ending that surely awaits , didn't u realize it ? i was so scared ... i cannot effort to lose you.. You engender me heavy-hearted from leaving KK. i don't care who's the hell SIN CHAN is ..!.. i just don't give a damn. i thought it would be easy for me, but i have no confident with myself . I trust you more than i do. You know me ! EMM...Your shadow and your dream, i was chasing after them. Wish for the future and everlasting . I never meant to be so cold ! hope you get it ... i can't hide my MADNESS into a pandora box.. Just avoid from arguing with you.
I rather receive all the burden than telling you about this. By the way, Yesterday was history, Tomorrow will be mystery, and today i'm still your Baby.
I love You my babe

your faithfully,

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bury Me Alive

been three days i couldn't sleep well... due to sickness ?
nah.. i don't think this piece of cake could drive me like that...
By the way, My babe was pity T_T she's having period....
i can't say she deserve it but she's just don't listen to me...
she is so stuborn... nobody's can stop her from doing what she want
@@ told her don't take cold beverages.. Babe i know you will saw this passage ^^
25 days remained
muckss babe

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Silent ! i was thinking of my future .
i has prepared my heart and i am ready to KL
my mum and dad wasn't happy anyway,
my dad wanted to send to HQ ,
Guess what... offered as assistant manager..
Roflmao... sorry dad, i was too young for this ..
It doesn't suit me..
i always want to make you proud,
i hope i won't make you guys down this times.
I'm pretty happy today..
My dad brought me for lunch after we went to the bank
to create my new bank account.
i ordered additional Cha siew and rice cause i had my appetite to finish it.
I went back to warisan around 2 o'clock... my babe was attending tuition class...
hehe... I pula curi tulang go centre point play games.
Well, guess this is the only way to seduce my boredom LOL...
there's many of things i want to share with you...
Sometimes i didn't manage to talk to you about it(no bravery)
Haha... hope you spend more times with me
so i can finish my story ..
my face was itchy... babe.... i'm waiting for your Kiss
my face will feel much comfortable with your Kiss
nite babe....
27 days remained

Monday, June 2, 2008

precious WEN LEE

I am satisfied with you babe :p
you're more than enough for me ...
I've never been like this before,
you such (a) Angel for me ...
Whenever you go,

i will always be with you...

lend you my shoulder,

give you a warm hug,

make you feel secure.

Most of all, i will love you more than ever

Emm...28 days remained

specially for my babe

Saturday, May 31, 2008