Friday, January 2, 2009

【I still Walk On】

How was i supposed to know, Connection lost on the first day of 2009.
Hmm... The first thing i saw when i woke up was the year summer came in a hurry at suppertime and stayed 12 months over.
I looked through the window about my feet and folded my hands once again
behind my head. Home alone! (where the silence was softer)
My Pillow lifted me up when I couldn't reach... (wishful thinking)
As i walked down the street, i've learned the profound satisfaction of yesterday.
"Brave" is the role i was about to play in 2009.
Someday, i'll be walking down the road and i'll hear something or see something going on. SO CLEAR. No Gap, but Breakthrough.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Moonmist Dreamer

Wreak on me, perhaps i'm no good.
The siren... I beat myself against your thigh and spit
before leaving the woodshed.
Again and again,
You engraved me with the Cold and blank
behind your smile.
It was a deep down in those big black eyes
there was no expression at all.
From that moment and through everything that followed,
Hmm... Lonely boy's poem screwed up your day
She's no real trouble.
She smells a little velvet for me.