Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bury Me Alive

been three days i couldn't sleep well... due to sickness ?
nah.. i don't think this piece of cake could drive me like that...
By the way, My babe was pity T_T she's having period....
i can't say she deserve it but she's just don't listen to me...
she is so stuborn... nobody's can stop her from doing what she want
@@ told her don't take cold beverages.. Babe i know you will saw this passage ^^
25 days remained
muckss babe

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Silent ! i was thinking of my future .
i has prepared my heart and i am ready to KL
my mum and dad wasn't happy anyway,
my dad wanted to send to HQ ,
Guess what... offered as assistant manager..
Roflmao... sorry dad, i was too young for this ..
It doesn't suit me..
i always want to make you proud,
i hope i won't make you guys down this times.
I'm pretty happy today..
My dad brought me for lunch after we went to the bank
to create my new bank account.
i ordered additional Cha siew and rice cause i had my appetite to finish it.
I went back to warisan around 2 o'clock... my babe was attending tuition class...
hehe... I pula curi tulang go centre point play games.
Well, guess this is the only way to seduce my boredom LOL...
there's many of things i want to share with you...
Sometimes i didn't manage to talk to you about it(no bravery)
Haha... hope you spend more times with me
so i can finish my story ..
my face was itchy... babe.... i'm waiting for your Kiss
my face will feel much comfortable with your Kiss
nite babe....
27 days remained

Monday, June 2, 2008

precious WEN LEE

I am satisfied with you babe :p
you're more than enough for me ...
I've never been like this before,
you such (a) Angel for me ...
Whenever you go,

i will always be with you...

lend you my shoulder,

give you a warm hug,

make you feel secure.

Most of all, i will love you more than ever

Emm...28 days remained

specially for my babe