Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Day 20

05 of August 2009, Rainy Day..
I woke up a little early today about 6.30am before it started raining.
At first I considered to sleep a few more minutes before
I really wake up to get prepared for the unprepared.
Few large spotlights flicked on, directly into my eyes, I can't continue
I hates wednesdays..
Cause The Golf club right behind my condo always turn on the spotlights
every wednesday morning.. How on earth do people play golf that early??
Tested my New LISTERINE cool citrus and I've found it to be incredibly user friendly.
Everyday the same routine, I have no choice but to take it everyday.
U88,89 Which has recently become my Main transport to take me here and there.
The bus stopped midway at SS2 and I got down, I walked quite a distance to Azriel's house
so I can Follow his car to our new Campus at Jaya One. Freaking Mafan!!!
Yeah! Nice to see my friends again, They are not happy in a new environment
perhaps they are not familiar with the place I think :P Sooner or later they will get used to it.
Bloody Pengajian Malaysia, It took me like 1 and a half hour to finish it..
Then I went to OldTown for breakfast with Jillian, I had eaten ethan.. Nola! (:
I had eaten a bowl of noodles with egg and hotdog, Half-boiled eggs and Ice Lemon Tea.
Guess what!! Nicky offered to send me go home today.. So random it makes me smile..
But with 1 condition, I have to accompany her go back subang to take her stuff first.
I was like "there's no free lunch in this world." Hahaha~~
We had a long conversations in the car back and forth. Quite Fun~~
Going to take a nap now as I only slept for few hours last night~~
It wasn't deep thinking that made me tired last night, it was you that made me think deep
so I could help you to solve the problems. I'm not sure what you want though..
Replacement~~ See ya ladies...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lungs Like Gallows

Is it luck that's knocking right on my back door?
Because I have been breaking mirrors since 1989...
I walk under ladders,
I spill the salt on sores,
and I open my umbrella
even when I am indoors.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Day 19

Trying to despite but I will get expelled from house.
Trying to tell but nobody's on my side.
Trying to read but my brain doesn't know anything, cause body is doing weird things.
Are you backsliding?
These are the symptoms shows that I'm falling fast like waterfall.
No doubt, I couldn't find a reason to defend myself that I'm not backsliding.
Do correct me if I'm wrong.
I'm supposed to practise it everyday, by reading bible to engender me
to become tougher,stronger, and a close relationship with GOD. Somehow, I failed to do so...
Slowly I become like snails who breathe through their feet.
LAZY and less productive!
I'm too tired perhaps :p
Finding a place to feed my face...
Exams on Wednesday and Friday.
Saturday will be going Sunway with Melissa
to celebrate her birthday in advance. Haha...
We have known each other for 5years++
She's my sweetest girlfriend. PAST TENSE!
It was nice meeting you.