Friday, November 21, 2008

Breathe has taken away Me

=======================Circle makes thing goes round. I walked in the same haste, following the same way. Until he said Stop!! Well well well! Guess you guys get curios with this toy? Isn't that cool? yeah... No doubt... Brand new super tunnel car from Nissan. (Skyline R-35 GTR) with 22'inch tyres. Sounds no wrong. It has become japanese Ferrari. ROFLMAO... Spending a few hours in LX-Mode Company really awesome. After that, i went back to Ian's hse. His mum cooked so many nice dishes until craving for it. Yup! i have done with it. NOw what?? Dota-- For ages i did not walk in to CC. Although it was fun but i still prefer to stay with my own computer. Nothing can be compared with it. The next evening, I worked like shyt. A fatigue bartender..... Taking my 'necklace' i have wore for red day, surrender from lying down(Gethsemane.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have bought this book which cost me rm 52.90 in Borders. Firstly, I'm so anxious with the Non-fiction book. When Jo(lecturer) introduced us about this book, I was like "wow.'' Thus i went to The Garden and purchase it. So sudden, i felt there are torns of stone on me. I can't climb up, hence why i'm so tired weaken by Ass-ignments, Novel, Design and Arise and build Fund. But i believe that HE will guides me the wisdom to solve it and create a path for me. Struggle haunt me, i'm not affraid of it. Seemed every of little things has become a challege for me. He has gave me the sign to bless me, therefore I only have to work hard on it and achieve the bless. Never felt like that b4. My relatives, whom kept arguing with me about religious. Ok! Come on.. I knew you guys are buddishm and i do respect It. But at least respect me as well. I'm human-being too. :) While listening to 3C album. I see the rising sun and it only just begun. It takes me all the way to the start. My life my ticket, journey keep on moving forward. Pen off and read my "Beloved."

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good bye Proverty!

The night i have spent with them. They traveled all the way from sabah.
It been ages since we have talked... Stop by the nearest bar " laundry''
3.Teck Liang
Hmm, just came back from service... Pastor taught a great cermon... and I do appreciate it very much. Be generous.... There is 1 part we supposed to stand up and bless the people you want... Without hesitating, i took half of my property and give it to neilson's father. WOW! Such a great feeling.... Therefore, his father gave me too.... Another south african sister actually blessed me with her only rm10 ringgit. Of course i'm happy but i did not keep it... I gave it to eric... Everyone has received equal gift by peoples around. Love has no boundaries.... Do not ask any from GOD if you are not hardworking enough, do work hard and you will receive yours someday... So Brothers and Sisters work hard for the Arise and Build, build the future together and emerge.