Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Day+Testi part 7

We are living in life to face the disappointment, Broken hearted, depression, failure, and death. Your boy friend dumped you. You felt it was the end of the world. You cannot score high in exams. Your parents blame you! It left your with a feeling of unsastisfaction. Friends anti you! Money doesn't want you. Everything seems like a mess for you. you have tried your best in everything, but nothing has worked to get rid of... Do you thank God for the incident like this? Do you even seek God and put your trust in Him? When was the last time you did that? If you praise God only when things go your way, you're probably not doing it very often.

Many of us kept complaining about life. Nothing is Perfect.. God Is fair!
Welcome to saturday morning, You can probably steaming cup of coffee, sitting in the balcony and reading newspaper. Do you remember what you said to me yesterday? or what I told you to do? Things we remember getting lesser as time goes by.. Somehow I remember the faces was so pretty. But I can't see clearly.. Blurrr!

I'm super duper pissed off!! The intent of questioning people gain more as we grow up.. I don't understand why certain people want to stressed out themselves to help, to protect or against others. If you think you're strong enough, Go ahead! But do not include hard feelings when it come to making decision. You affraid I will bang my head to the wall, I can tell "Jangan takut" because I'm not affraid of it! No pain no gain! I'm not a baby, I don't need over-protection... You can give me advice but not doing something indirectly. I really appreciate everything you did.. (:

Listening Radar~ by Britney Spears
Have a nice day!
It's me again... I can't believe i made it through part 7.
well... I'm so exhausted after scaring by the movie "Drag me to hell."
really wasted my rm10... My brain can't function well and I need get some rest..
Will Write something interesting and new tomorrow... (:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Day part 6

My mind Goes Tick-Tack-Tick-Tack, It's 12am... It left me with a feeling of unsastifaction!
Please move 7 hours counter-clockwise because there's many point I would like to share
during the debate session. It was about the religious... arghh.... My funny lecturer, with the sarcastic smile on her face... It goes "Hehe.." Do you think it's funny? Well, I can tell she never underestimate my ability... Although I'm little annoying to her, and being called no productivity! haha but I do take it as a compliment. She told us that nobody are stupid, only lazy... Really hit it on the nail! I am so impressed with her... Yeah! I'm just slightly slower than anyone, but it doesn't mean I'm slow enough. I just installed turbo k... Guys don't get left behind k? :p

Let me go through with you briefly how it feels during "testimony challege." My first time doing this, a bit heavy for me but thanx God for it. Thanx to all my cellgroup members. They are amazing!

As usual, I ride public transportation everyday. I am little bit of insecure with the driver. He goes as he likes, driving like mad-cow.. Ahhh... I wish I can drive my own car, get stuck in the traffic jam everyday rather than waiting the bus for half an hour (:
Get distracted by Hendra Lim LOL.... two hours yo! what's the problem???

Listening to My heart by Paramore
Nights (:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Day part 5

Recently, There's something happened in my college and Facebook. Someone posted notes about IACT. I'm kind of curious about this and I don't understand. You went to her post made comments and ruined everything. The people wouldn't know until you say it out, say it- LOUD S-A-N-D-Y. Yeah! Gratz, you have made it.. You Got my attention, Their attention.. Feel proud of yourself? You are worst than beggars in Uptown. At least they have their Harga Diri. When you want to give up your super high egoistic and grow up? Can't you do us a favor? CHANGE! I mean you are my friend, Come on... Make a move! Don't spoil it! Anti you is not the way we were hoping. Think about it... I hope you can't sleep and dream about it. And when you dream, I hope you can't sleep and scream about it. i hope your conscious eats at you. And you can't breathe without it.(copied from -stan- Eminem)

Hmm... Thanks for the muffins Inessa (:
It's healthy to eat muffins in the morning... I had eaten 1 and share another 3 with WaiLee, Lynn and Ms. Su... Right after the class, Me and Farhana went ONE U to fix's guitar. After that, we were heading to A&W Makan waffles(ice-cream), and Rootbeer, Ngek ngek ngek ngek.. Here in A&W, we share a lot of things, past experiences, Gossips, and she's one of the smart person I've met in real life.

Listening to I'll kill her by SOKO

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Day part 4

I'm passionate about life, kissing and Working out (:
I ate a banana for breakfast. I have been told that Bananas contain a natural chemical which can make a person happy. This same chemical is also found in Prozac.
I had My honey mustard chicken sandwiches, Lemon crush and Strawberry chocolate cupcake in Wondermilk this afternoon. Nice isn't it... Sadly NO, it doesn't satisfy me and my stomach.
Sometimes, something keeps us afloat, My curiousity getting higher, observation getting sharper but opinion goes lesser ): Did you notice that most of the time I will just go and sit in the corner. keep quiet shhhh!!!! I'm stalking someone.. It could be you! If you are reading this post.
Allow me jump to the conclusion, I ain't a stalker and I believe in seventh sense. Original 5 senses + Instinct + GUESS!! I pretend to know you... Actually telling you this and that.. Just wanted you to know I don't know much about you. Confusing huh?

What is threesome? An act of group sex involving three people. Triadic group sex regardless of gender... You might think I'm dirty-minded... Well, I don't freaking care.. I know what i'm writting and I have my conciousness.. Back to the topic, It really is getting Hot in Malaysia. I wonder why people already have their partner but they still want to get involved? Perhaps they don't have 1 or maybe in the process looking for 1.. Desire! It's so hard to resist... Don't get offended! ~Talk to me and prove me wrong~

Gearing up myself! Chasing after you~ Fighto!
Listening to Epilogue-NEAR THE BORDER- Junichi Nakatsuru(The Belkan War)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Day part 3

It's Sunday morning, by 8.30am I'm supposed to be in church on right time but I just cant bear it cause my stomach hurts and I need food. Neilson, he drives as he likes.. He drives to the nearest 7-Eleven and we get some food and drinks. This morning, God really open up my eyes. We all had a great service with Pastor Andrew Gray from Aussie (:
Confidence comes from what you know. Based on knowing something and I can prove it. I have confidence in my pray. Anything according to His will. His words is His will, His will is His words. That's what i learned from Pastor Andrew Gray.
Right after the service, Me, Andrew, Charis, Sharon, and Sandra. We came up with the crazy plan to celebrate Jamie's birthday. Guess what? I terpaksa and I told-a-lie ):
But I can tell the best is yet to come (: Ngek ngek ngek ngek....
We watched a movie '17 Again.' I told myself not to watch anything related to high school musical series or movies and it's just going to stress me out. One quarter of the human brain is used to control the eyes. I don't want to waste time on it. I am more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than watching it. But Zac Efron , only takes one of his looks to get my attention. Phewitt!!!! You know what? Mind changed, and I just want to be as cool as him. Cooler than him perhaps! :p But still I won't spend my time to watch high school musical. NO!
Things crash out of nowhere.. I have a bad mood swings.. LOL
I want you to listen but not hear, to understand and share.

Patrick likes to yell. If he yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, he would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. Patrick, can I have two cups of coffee in 17 years later?

Listening to Long Distance Call- Buck Tick