Monday, December 7, 2009

For Exam!!

Firstly, client’s brief is the core of the account management whereby when a client meets with an account servicing person the client is supposed to provide detailed information of a few particular parts in order to come out with a campaign at the end of the day to grow the brand. The few particular detailed information that a client has to provide is ;

1) Background information - of the company and product
2) Objectives - marketing and IMC objectives to achieve
3) Target affiliation group - understanding the target consumers based on demographics & psychographics.
4) Current consumer perception - Consumer’s perception of the current product/brand
5) Desired consumer perception - what we want the consumers to feel/ perceive
6) Positioning - Unique selling point of the current product/ brand
7) Campaign Idea - Strategy of the campaign and execution
8) Medium - Types of media/ channels used ATL/ BTL advertising (traditional & new)
9) Timeline - When will it be the dateline to conduct campaign
10) Budget - Amount which is given by client to conduct a campaign for either advertising/ marketing purposes.

By obtaining these information from the client, the person in charge can be able to create a creative “brief” in whereby it provides information for the art directors to plan out an idea or concept in creating final artwork either for print advertisements, radio advertising, TV commercials and others.

Secondly, the “creative brief” is a summary of the clients brief whereby it includes information of a client’s brief in less than two pages or preferably 1 page. The creative team is meant for creating a simplified model in where the creative tam is able to absorb/ understand what is necessary based on client’s request in a less complicated form. Therefore, the creative brief answers the question of how the advertising campaign is going to be like as according to client’s brief. After that, Account servicing person need to write a contact report within 48 hours and send a copy to client as legal document.

Apart from that, a “media brief” is also needed whereby it consists of the campaign idea of the client. What the brief is used for is that it gives the media planners the upper-hand information for strategic thinking when choosing particular media channels to advertise the campaign idea or also give better suggestions on which other media channels which can be put to focus.

Lastly, the “IMC brief” which is a summary of client’s request on integrated campaign in whereby it fully utilizes as many IMC tools as possible. Usually a “360 brief” is compiled more or less the same like a client’s brief but however it is more focused on the execution of the campaign idea. Tools like public relations, advertising, direct marketing and sales promotions are frequently used as requested by clients.