Tuesday, November 25, 2008

6 hours hand-writting( My very own version) CinderLala

There lived an unhappy girl. Lala was given by her mother. She understood that she had never really forgiven herself for not daring to look her father in the eye as death approached. Her father’s eyes had exhausted her trying to make contact, until finally they closed in loneliness. She was a strip dancer, the routine keep recycling 24/7. She wore colorful feather dresses and danced hot dances on the stage, lifting thighs to reveal underwear and petticoats with lace embroidery on the edges. She emanated a light body scent peculiar to women that grabbed hold of one’s olfactory nerves with a lucid jolt. Father’s eyes were forever asking something from her.
Ended up wishful thinking in dawn, she walked down to the night market before going to work far from home. Again and again, she saw the forlorn hurt in her father’s eyes, until it seemed she lived only to please those eyes. Further, she knew that no matter how brilliantly she’d done in her studies, no matter how highly her character was praised by others, all for previous efforts were in vain. Father’s eyes only reminded her of her guilt and remorse. Surviving a broken heart for 3 years and being molested for a period of times.
She has escaped from the haunt. Since then, she moved out from the mansion to live a new life. No doubt, she left with clothes and her beloved mother’s picture along with her, it was 1998. It been 3 years since she worked in a fabulous strip bar which located in the center of town, Los Angeles. Continuing her wandering, she took no notice of her feet, which had now lost all feeling, just like this cold stranger of a city where nobody noticed she’d walked up and down this same night market scores of times. When her father died she had felt freed of a heavy burden. Probing further, she even uncovered on all but imperceptible feeling of joy. In other hand, had mother lived longer, she would sooner or later have had to get married and produce a son. Added to that was the way father always made her share responsibility for her own nostalgia because she was the only child.
She had reached the dance floor earlier as usual. The show was about to start at 9pm. So sudden, Sarah whispered her ears from left to the right. Sarah said: “meet me at the backstage right after the show.” And she replied: “sure” without hesitating. Her secret love affair with the lead dancer, expressed only in the silent understanding that existed between them, made her feel an inviolable bond that united them through good and ill. In a way she even felt tonight’s performance would be performing through Sarah’s body. They stepping forward only to circle back again in a perfect expression of the joy and anxiety of a human mother. Making peoples in the bar full of desire for hours. They have become the red light on the night. It was not the same anymore; Lala has her own career and partner who love her. The drama of her pervious life turned her to this way, a Lesbian.
After the performance, Lala waited at the backstage exit as they’d arranged. Sarah appeared sooner than expected and grabbed her hands and gave her a smoother kiss on her forehead. They ran to wood village, some remnant face powder still clung to the hair at Lala’s temples, and Sarah brushed it away. Sarah said excitedly, “ just now on stage I had an inspiration- I thought of something I want to give you.
Lala thought to herself, “Actually, you have already given me a great gift.” She had not quite recovered from her shaken state after seeing the performance, and when she spoke her voice was rather uneven. “Watching you on stage just now, I thought of something too. I decided I will go back to see my old home on the mainland, Detroit. Even if what I see is not what I have imagined, that can only shatter my father’s dream, not me. Whether it’s a beautiful dream or a nightmare, it’s time it was laid to rest. Sarah says nothing but sigh.
Lala thought of the night they had spent together on the bank of Hudson River, tow days before she left. The waters were vast and the surface of the river reflected the moon at the center of the sky confounding all sense of direction. Lala had said that “when she went home to Detroit, they would once again be like two stones on shore, gazing at each other across the sea, able to meet when the sea dried up.
Sarah had given a bright laugh and said, “look what you are missing by not being able to swim. If it were not for that you could dive under water and take a look, and you will find that even though these two stones on the shore lie on opposite banks, beneath the sea the land is all one.”
Is the world under the sea really so wonderful? Lala decided the first thing she would do when she arrived in Detroit was learn to swim. Then she could dive into ocean and see for herself.
She prayed hard to God on that night after separated with Sarah. She bend down her knees on the floor and lift up her hands in front of the cinders, she asked God it that the way you want me to live forever? She cried and craving for the answer. Eventually, God has no answered her question but she knew God will provides and lead her to the path. Once again, she left her home in Los Angeles and back to her mainland, Detroit. As she lie down to her greeny bed, She has come to the point of her life for making decision. She does not think that Sarah would be enough for her to spend together until the day she dies. She is 22 years old on this coming summer, was not too late for her to choose but her memories still haunt her even though her father has buried sixth feet under. She been told “when life is not the way you like it, like it the way it is” by her mother when she was young.
She traveled in haste to the Neverland which problems does not existed, where peoples never get polluted. But she knew it was just a dream. Hence why she hated so much to sleep rather than taking a nap.
The mourn morning; she walked down early to the fish market as she could not sleep properly. She took no notice of her feet again, which had now lost all feeling too, just like this cold stranger of a city where nobody noticed she’d walked up and down this same market scores of times. These times was not the same, an explosive face in yellow skin, six feet tall with rounded muscular and curl hairy head. It never happens for her since that long, her blood pressure goes high and heart get pumped water tank. She knew that she’s going insane with this guy. But the promises for Sarah could not be abandoned.
Once again, she prayed in the corner of street. She asked God: “ Is that the guy you want to give it to me, your daughter?”
Eventually, the guy called Liam appeared in front of her and invites her to his party. She was shocked at the moments because God did listened to her prays. She answered “Yes.”
At last the happy day came; she attended the party like no others. She wore like an angel. Probably the best costume in that party. She met with Liam again. But no body knows she was a strip dancer and she has forgotten that she was once. She is too humble because this is the only way engender herself to emerge. Time has grown so fast, they get married after 3 month they have met each other.
It being unfair to keep Sarah waited so long in Los Angeles. Sarah took a chance and traveled to Detroit. She followed the address given by Lala probably few months ago, and she discovered that the mansion was empty. She was confused and do not know what is she going to do next. She walked down whole Detroit just to look after her lover. Finally, somewhere between Julys, accidentally she met Lala’s husband on the fish market and Sarah asked him about Lala. Liam told Sarah about Lala and he was married couple months ago. Glass broken into pieces, Sarah ran like wind runner. She could not seen this as reality and she do not believe what Lala have done to her. The opposite of Love was Hate. Sarah bought a knife in fish market and waiting night approaching. During that night, the gate of Liam’s house opened widely. It seemed there is high chances for him to get assassinate. Without a minute, Sarah faced revenge on Lala’s lover. Sarah wants to let her suffer what she suffered before. Knife stabled hit on target, blood spreading out like tomato sauce from Liam’s stomach. It’s too late for Lala has a wonderful ending; everything has gone in a moment. She has fallen apart forever, ever and ever.
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am not protagonist. So obvious

This is the bible i bought from MPH. It took me ages to get a bible. Hereafter, bible study will get started as soon as i could. The peachstone no longer exist and the guilty sky covered in gray. I looked through the window above my feet and folded my hands behind my head. An elbow grazed on her shoulder. The touch of cloth on her skin startled her. She had forgotten i had not taken off my button. At least it seemed so. A few red flowers on the table, some myrtle tied around the handle of the flatiron holding the door open for a breeze calmed her. Since then, the remedy cured her miserable heart. It was difficult for a person like you soaked up Umeshu. No doubt, it has proven by your attitude. So sudden, i came to this chapter " Exodus." The solution of overall. Sunset to Dawn. Hence, Lullaby sung in short term. Bristle have grown, long and longer.