Thursday, September 18, 2008


"When a newly married couple smiles, everyone knows why.
When a ten-year married couple smiles, everyone wonders why."

I have been to college earlier this morning for Drama and presentation discussion. Things made me very pissed off when 1 of my group member actually failed to turn up during the discussion. I was like what the fish with her? As a Leader, i couldn't manage to call for recruitment and we were like sitting there for few hours doing nothing. LOL
Shift to the next discussion- The english Drama. Somewhere around the playground, we're doing sound check and discussing what material should buy for the Play. Hmm, it took 3 hours to finish all those stuff and then we spread out to go home.
Night- i went to cellgroup... i am so inspired by tonight. it's about maturity ! Majority of my friends think that i'm lost of something. I can surely tell you that is maturity. Maturity is Full development/Perfected condition. From now onwards, I'll make miracle ! Stay tuned
Miss you Angel Eve..

Chill, Chat, Ciaozz

Everytime I call my friend on the phone at his office, his secretary Ms. Jacq says to me, "please Hole-on!" I am still trying to figure out what she means by that! ROFLMAO

Hanling had been walking for whole day,

He had been to Pavilion,Sungei Wang,StarHill, and Times Square.

Eventually He met Evelyn. It's been a long time.

They went to a cafe and started chit-chatting.

Both enjoyed the moment.

As the time not allowed them to talk longer,

They have to spread out.

When he stare out from the building, the world looked like Shit*.

It has been raining all afternoon.

After the dinner with KaiLoon,Mable, and Khairy.

They have been walking non-stop for 2 hours before going home

Good night Malaysia ! Don't sell the Maps !

Miss you Angel Eve !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Active or Passive? Be The Judge...

I was on a long flight to S'pore the other day. As the flight would take 5 hours, i thought i'd better get a good refreshing sleep before landing. Much later, i was awakened by the air hostess and she asked me if i would like to have my dinner . I asked her whether there were any choices. She said there were two choices: YES or NO ! ROFLMAO..

Finally, i've done all the assignments and hand in by time. While hanging around in college, i met Cayman once again. She had been helped me to finish my task for twice ! Thanks a lot...
Haha... Not Monday, Wednesday neither... It's tuesday ! Me and eric went to GYM... and soon, we're going to show neilson some real power. He's coming to KL this November.
Hmm... I would like to share something here. Last night, We were driving all the way to The curve. We're out to dinner in T.G.I fridays. That was Hilarious. I had been waiting this for ages... we have Delvin,Pohling,Randall,Edwin,Vera,Eric and me in house:)
I am so sure to tell you that the enviroment was awesome ! I ordered an appetizer(boneless wings), en-tree (chicken cutlet), and a dessert(Chocolate Malt Cake).. Woohoo....I was tucking away at the food. Melt down my mouth ! After the dinner, The party get started .. haha We went to cheras to pick up JUN and CASSEY. Guess what, we're heading to Luna bar. Therefore, HMM i never bargain for it. Just once a while :) We arrived the bar. If there is a chance, i would like to move into this place and be my last resort. Sigh ! I did not make it to take much pic. But i will upload it once i get it from Randall and Edwin.. Hmm.. they're heading to Manchester. Wish you guys all the best ! Since tomorrow is holiday, i'll get my ass off to sleep straight away. Tomorrow is a new day... Ciaozzzz

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"I thought you knew where you were going"

Three country bumpkins were in a car on their way to Sunway Lagoon. They saw a sign which says: SUNWAY LAGOON LEFT so they all went home !

It's been a long time,
I dreamt about you.
Was a long and cold August,
we're holding each other tightly.
It was so amazing,
You melt into my chest.
I found it hard to love,
Perhaps i never had it before.
Until the day you told me through the signal,
i did not know what it was that i have forgotten.
You says i always cannot find way out in Love,
but i can surely tell you the only way OUT is IN.