Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Break Through The Breaking Point

Story left untold, genius hit the pole.
Living in the fast paced world, it ain't easy.
We are equipped with knowledge but we not using it.
We were taught to be aggressive, often we sneak soundlessly.
I was told "old men shall dream dreams and we shall see visions.
Despite, nobody knows its true meaning or least of us know about it
but it sounds like something promising, or achievable.
Our generation are screwed in a way because the upfront road
is long and wide.
So Long, you see no end.
So Wide, you can't find your friend.
Given a scenario,
In the Jungle with two diverged road, we are asked to choose.
One, Discovered with footprints everywhere.
and the other yet to be explored full of long grass and bushes.
Not knowing what will happen in front of us. Obviously, we will
pick the first road which has been discovered and used by many.
Try to reflect back to reality, many of us are so comfortable
and happy staying in their comfort zone, have no intention to
change. I would say something has changed the way we live.
With this, it leads us nowhere but closer to falsehood era.
I can't tell what, but it is really depend on how you define
the craps above.

Change before we get replaced

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Confession of the Old Tree

Time Flies really fast and I am going to turn 21 soon.
To be continued !

Friday, July 23, 2010

What so special about 'Sanuk' ?

Hi, we’re Sanük. We’ve been around since July, 1997 when Jeff Kelley started making sandals out of inner tubes and indoor-outdoor carpet. 1998 marked our first full year of operations. While we’ve progressed into semi-proper footwear company (uh-oh), Jeff’s spirit of innovation still serves as the backbone of our little brand. Today, we strive to make products that are as much about funk as they are about function. We’ve found our sandals are happiest when they tread the road less traveled – so we design ‘em accordingly.
Because “Sanük” is the Thai word for FUN, our name is also our mantra.
Our goal is to provide creatively inspired yet thoughtfully designed products for the global outdoor community…mostly because we’re part of it.
Headquartered in Southern California, we are an eclectic little family hailing from Santa Cruz, Seattle, Cardiff by the Sea, the Philippines, Colombia, Hong Kong, and even Papua New Guinea. With your support, we continue to grow and now have distribution across the United States and in over 50 countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Australia

Friday, June 4, 2010

Another Day 39 The Discern between Good and Evil

I might be young, but from what I've observed towards a world that fills with Good and Evil has reminded me something. Something that lives inside of us, a good role and a bad role. We were taught to trust in faith but somehow the media often portraits something that are skeptical, giving us the false information. Besides that, We are not sure when comes to making decision especially the tough ones. It seems like Something trying to restrict and the other actually trying to approve us to do things we wanted to do. It happens sometimes, whisperers from both sides telling you what are the consequences/ benefits and the price to play. So how do you differentiate whether it's right or wrong? Often, only through the right guidance and the heart of believing will lead you to the right path. Only God knows!