Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Day 34

I am here not to declare war against anything, but I am pissed off like seriously. How would you feel when someone try to convince your girl friend to break up with her boy friend? I mean what kind of friend are you? Try to put yourself in my shoe when you get that from others and Hey Jovian or whatever its called! I exist as I am, but I don't get it why you want to make things complicated! Everytime I hear your name from my girl friend, I told myself to forgive and forget. Perhaps I did not make enough noise but it doesn't mean I'm Dumb, I just couldn't give myself a reason to hate you LOL. I'm not like angel gracing the lines singing 'hallelujah' type of person. We are still young and we all make mistakes, can't you just pull off the high contrast glasses to judge a people. First two temptations failed, and I've learnt my lesson. But if you're here to ruin my relationship, please make it personal do call me and talk it like a man, stop psycho-ing my girl friend and She's not comfortable with everything you did and that is so not gentlemen. I'm pleasant to accept if you'd like to make a new friend and not add a foe.