Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's about the world

For the following post, I will write more about Global warming..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Revealing truth

I haven't seen you before, and you've got me a question mark!
Never seen a roller, paper that's that taller.
I'm playing with my controller while eating my chipster.
In fact, you still owe me two dollars and that's another chapter.
It's complicated and stupid isn't it huh?
What is the hardest thing for me? (straightening curls)
sometimes, I'm pretty anxious with my friends.
I know I'm a Martian cause it's a hard life.
If you are a friend of mine, you should very familiar with the phrase.
They look at me because i'm different, I look at them because they are all the same.
Haha... No worries! I'm just saying some of them and the rest of them very nice to me.
No facts but fluff. If you've said all you've had say, then call it a day (:
If I talk lesser, it doesn't mean i don't talk. Just lesser (:
Ten things about me:
- I'm a loner (special ma..)
- I like to travel, discovering new places and different faces and races.
Normaly how do you pronounce a barber in proper way? Hairstylist right?
How about a guy that drives F1? Not racer.... think properly! Could it be racist???
- I'm a son of GOD!
- I'm reliable, if you help me sell my dreams. In return, i will share with you together.
- I'm still a single so far still available.
- A very high conscientiousness person. I want everything done perfectly. Sometimes no la!
Because God is fair!
- I can be forgetful but when it comes to memories! I can still clearly remember what you wore last few church services.
- Changing perception on colours. I thought black and white was the finest combination! Someone proves that I'm wrong. Of course I still have purple for backup duh....
- How spicy foods can kill me? I sweat like steam machine, then started scracthing my head,
at the end of the part, I will drink your water and kill myself. Just joking!
- Loves natural.. I can clearly see the trees shaking like belly dancers every morning. The sun rises in the east or west ah? I know you are laughing! Hmm.... At night, as i walk to the balcony, I can hear the wind whispering from everywhere. Just close you eyes and Imagine dumbass q: