Monday, July 21, 2008

2.00 am Escort me tonight !

It been a long time since i get laid into my studies and have not much leisure time to drop my daily post . I'm blessed by YOU my LORD of Jesus. I felt that you're be with me. I'm not longer alone. I have my target , my carrier and so on. I know these are just a beginning and i have more to go through. However, i will try my very best to achieve it. I'm so impress with Kl living lifestyle, they're fast, efficient and good in everything compares to sabah . But there is 1 thing good about sabah is the slow growing and relaxing lifestyle. LOL ! i have learned from Mistake is never Final and Failure is never Fatal. As a youth of 21th century, i should dream dreams widely . Well, i'm paralyzed on my relationship... It's a barrier between it, i wish i could break it . Could it be possible for me to do it ? It's still a question !