Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another Day 33

She waited for me so long, until the old grandfather clock that time forgot.
Endlessly she said, with a tremendous red heart she graped me back from the
midst of silver and cold. Yes indeed, she has the best imperfections that
others don't have, probably the best I've ever met. Perhaps she's not perfect
as in doing housework, cooking meals, or maybe persuading partner but she
has the attitude that keeps her stepping in front, learning, listening,
and also being a good girl friend. "No body's perfect" is haunting me for
quite some time, I've learnt how to let go what's not important in a
relationship and pick up what's good in life. So it was fun, I have a good
past life and that's what made me standing on the top today. And here is
December, I named this blog after her because this love like winter, no more
running in circle, just you and me, together from years before until the years
after before the end approach. Whisper me, I would love to... Clearly I remember
Han Ling, how I being called with a soft spoken voice. I heart you Mel!!
I will take you back to the start when we first met under the stars.