Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Day 18(Short & Long)

Wednesday Blast Off~
  • Ikea meatballs+chicken wings( breakfast+lunch) with Chris
  • Quick shopping at The curve
  • Movie 12.45pm "Public Enemies"
  • Swimming + work out with Chris
  • Ikea quick shopping
  • Dinner at Senjyu with beatrice, Melvyn and jason
  • 9-ball pool game
  • Late Movie 10.45pm "Harry Potter"
  • Off to bed~3am

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Day 17(fruitful weekend)

FINALLY, everything has come to an end. The 3 toughest exams and two presentations, but still there were two more coming on 7th of August. BTW, I got something to share with you all. First, i would like to thank you Eileen(the gold digger) for telling me to go and join the Tap Tap Revenge competition organized by MAXIS. WHoo~ I made it into first elimination round on first day, I been told to come back for the semi-final tomorrow which is last sunday. thanks God! Everything goes smoothly, and thanks to Melvyn for the ride. Yeah! the Semi-final and final was held at the Curve. 2pm, the place was overcrowded with living bodies, playing with the Iphone, looking around, and etc. Guess what! I managed to get to know other competitors and discuss about their Tap Tap experiences .(I met beatrice Chiu, Jason Chan, The argentina guy, and a chinese girl.. LOL) Allow me to pull back to the Main and shorten it. yeah! I won the first prize RM500 Jealous Huh? Why do you work so hard? haha! Right after the competition, I need a ride to go sunway for the presentation meeting. I tried a search but came up with nothing. When I need you? you don't appear, but when you are not needed, you turned out of nowhere. Yeah! I did a quick shopping trip at sunway. Bought a new Converse Classic shoes! LOVE IT XD...
Monday, Skip the presentation part cuz it was good and i don't want to mention it cause it's just not necessary. Went to OU to meet up Cayman and yi zhen, but we didn't get anything at the end ):
Tuesday, another presentation... Get good feedbacks from ms. Su because we all prepared for the unprepared... The slides, findings and reports very well-structured and yeah! I'm so happy!
haha.. I felt so relief and the good feeling, the good feeling, the good feeling can be sensed... ahhh....... Went to jacq's house for the poolside party, this is the third time i went there.... Had a great session with everyone who made it, those who missed it, "DON'T ANTI-SOCIAL Lah~"
Last but not least, nothing like the holidays, I'll be working for five days at O U. each day about Rm140~ thanks to someone.. I'm so blessed!

there's lot of things i would like to tell but I'm so tired! if you get bump into me, feel free to ask me! ciaozzzz