Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another Day 14

For a healthy life, all you need is a healthy nutrition, proper exercise and a positive attitude. Haha! I have fulfilled the requirements. I woke up around 11.30am cause i thought i will begin serving this afternoon. So after had my breakfast, everything was running fine then went to check on my e-mail for double confirmation! Haha unexpectedly! Today no duty for me.. Since i got nothing to do and i have done most of the assignment, It's shopping time. (SHOP AT OU) Jocelyn and Kelvin have to leave early because they are rushing to attend the sevice. Overall was good, I bought a new pant from Topman, Shirt from ZeroHour. All day long I had been thinking that I was going to buy new pair of shoes but somehow I didn't make it cause I need to save up for the Steelseries Siberia Headset. I bought some dinner material from Jusco, like bread, Australia wagyu beef slices, Jumbo bolona, Black pepper bolona, Golden butterhead(sweet vege), and Milo with milk(NEW). Yummy!!

First Cafe Ministry Gathering 2009: Dinner at shabu shabu puchong, poolside gathering, and werewolves game

Another Day part 13

"Quiet Night Tea, For a Peaceful Night"
9am-3am Outing!!
P.R Class from 9 to 12 I wasn't paying attention for these three hours cause I'm half-awakened. Yeah! so I've decided to play some cool games instead of listening to her Lecturer. I don't Know.
After the class, Me, Soon King, and Chee Yung, we went to play billiards elsewhere. I was rushing to purchase some food and drinks right after that cause there's a SC gathering 3 to 5. During the gathering I was suppose to give a very long speech about Pros and Cons of arcade Day but somehow I cut it into a very short post. I wondered why I didn't say it contains, Perhaps I'm too nervous??? Cause clement said so ): I was shaking left to right, upside down...
After the gathering, i went to joyce's house for jamming session before i go to another gathering. Oh man! I've learnt a lot from Joyce especially Drum solo (: It was awesome haha...
Around 7pm, joyce sent me to church cause she was rushing for movie at 8pm. So I joined my friends from Church Cafe Ministry to go Puchong for dinner (: I had eaten quite a lot of food LOL... Tomorrow I've to do another 200 sit-up ): The food was nice especially the meatballs :p
Very juicy and elastic. Haha... We don't have to spend a single dollar for that super duper nice shabu shabu dinner Happy Gile!! Hmm.. Next round, we went to Josh's house to play werewolf game. Guess who's the biggest liar?? Me and victor :p Somehow we managed to make everyone believes that we're innocent LOL.. We pakat and we won.. Tired of cheating people because this game relates to Friendship, trustworthy, and skills. So I switched voluntary to another character, the narrator. basically I'm not allowed to join the game because I'm going to explain to them and guide them during the whole process of the game. It's fun to see people pointing at each other and to defend themselves that they are innocent. Abel, Josh and Karen are the "biggest Liar" LOL... OK I'm tired and i need to get more sleep. Good night! I Miss You...

Listening to Elements of Life~Tiesto

Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Day part 12

I'm DONE!!! since I don't have a single clue as to how I'm supposed to finish it tonight.

Somehow I screwed up everything and yeah!!! The Mind-Mapping... How on earth can I finish the Mind-Map by tonight with a verly slow working speed.

(average 2 hours for 1 Mind-Map.. ROFLMAO)

I was chatting, was replying to the other peoples responses to my question. ISH!! Again, Sometimes I wish I could just fly away or just ignore it! But I just can't seem to find the solutions on what's the correct thing to do. Why can't we have 36hours instead of 24hours? I need more time to rest, chill, movies, shopping, food and drinks. Hmm Yeah... i watched "TRANSFORMERS" with my housemates. AWESOME!! The reason why it was an awesome movie was because the action, the three-dimensional surrounding sound, the quotes, storyline, EVERYTHING!!!
Megan Fox- she's pretty damn sexy.
I'm salivating :p
Listening to He's a pirate~Tiesto

Another Day part 11

Tired of hearing tired is dying.. Let's switch to something fun..
Last friday, V10 held an event.. It was a great time.. Getting people to join
the event is like pulling teeth.. It's a miracle we managed to get 20+ people
to participate in this event.. Btw, the event called "Arcade day." Three Ps2
with lots of arcade games.. There's Tekken5, Need For Speed, PES 2009,
Metal Slug, Street Fighter, and etc.
Special thanks to everyone who contributed in this event. I really appreciate that.
Yes! Of course I would like to say thank you to all my Sales Promotion Members.
We've made it, we're in third level. I know it's tough for you guys, to why we are here,
It is not about doing something in order to get something in return.
It's all about our hardwork in efforts. (:
I chatted with a friend from our college, Sandra Y...
LOL! and she solved the relationships problem, and now it works!
Not for me... but for herself (:
I felt so relief after telling her this and that.
about the girl i Love.
Last but not least,
All the good things I have. They all come from God