Saturday, June 14, 2008

Never lie yourself from getting benefits

Today we have great sales in N-store.... As usual, i set up the shop and serve whoever come in to n-store..... i'm pretty curious with a customer who gave me rm183.40 but the shoes is only rm173.40 after discount. You knw ! As a responsible assistant Manager must be honest to the customers or whatever. Without wasting my times, i just give back the extra 10 ringgit to the right customer. i don't want to take this small benefit because it's not belongs to me. In addition , i'm a worker . i'm glad i have made the right choices..
Thanx GOD for giving me confident and support or whatever it is ... THANX
Remember. Never be greedy in any situation . it might lead you guilty.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Over The Rainbow {Expres Love}

"The Happening"
Last nite i went to cinema with my friends.
i didn't plan to watch a movie cause i was waiting for my mum
to fetch me after have a drinks with them . been staying at shop for whole day just enough
to make me exhausted. Since my mum told me to follow my friend , i watched this "The happening" It's not a horror movie, supernatural either . It's about the plantation engender acid to affect humans reaction . sound pretty scary isn't it ? This will happens when there is more population of human in certain places . More than that, this kind of acid could lead someone to commit suicide. Anyway, this can be true in reality cause i searched YAHOO , there's few cases about plantation could affect humans reaction. But we can't admit it is 100 % true ..HEHE... The scientific still doing reasearch on that . LOL... Global warming, Earthquake, terrorist, and etc.
It is a sign by the GOD or wat ? Jesus Cracker !!!
Well... back to weight of the world .. Emm.. babe .. i'm leaving on 2nd of july , it's afternoon flight.
I don't think you can ask your sister to send me or wat... Cause you have to go to school... The timing not right.. I was thinking how should i bring the desktop from sabah to KL.. ROFLMAO.
By the way , i will bring the doll along my journey like i miss you every single second. Maybe i ain't the good 1 but i believe i might be your great 1 someday later. Just be patient... No matter what going on between you and me .. Please solve it together and think twice before you make a decision so i won't worry too much on you babe... Maybe we separate isn't a good solution for both but I will try my best cause i want to meet you, kiss you, hear you, whisper in your ear..I wish you be my side now and forever.

always heart you
my beloved Wen Lee

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rising Sun

^^^^ a great buddy of mine who stayed at KL named tricia single but not available kinda naughty and she is so 粗鲁

Tuesday... i can clearly see the cloudy black black sky out there with no star. I'm pretty happy cause i've done everything by today such as my course fee, bank account and etc. Babe.. I'm so glad that You have be my company since last month and been through everything together.. Well.. i just can't wait for sunday... The day i waited so long.... has finally arrived... Pretending LOL... As u can see , i'm a normal guy .. so this is totally not unusual ... I am heat like an oven !!

Babe i love you ! muckss

take notes,

(Please highlight all the sentences)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Somewhere I Belong

Once again, i switched on my monitor. i'm pretty tired for this moment. Been walking for more than 7 Km if not mistaken. But things which keep turning in my mind is YOU babe. I'm worried about you. You're just like Pearl for me, treasured and love you. But i really don't understand and i would like to know what place i stand inside your heart ? it is my heart still locked in your memories ? The pain come out from the bottom of my heart and every pain has a beginning somewhere and an ending that surely awaits , didn't u realize it ? i was so scared ... i cannot effort to lose you.. You engender me heavy-hearted from leaving KK. i don't care who's the hell SIN CHAN is ..!.. i just don't give a damn. i thought it would be easy for me, but i have no confident with myself . I trust you more than i do. You know me ! EMM...Your shadow and your dream, i was chasing after them. Wish for the future and everlasting . I never meant to be so cold ! hope you get it ... i can't hide my MADNESS into a pandora box.. Just avoid from arguing with you.
I rather receive all the burden than telling you about this. By the way, Yesterday was history, Tomorrow will be mystery, and today i'm still your Baby.
I love You my babe

your faithfully,