Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Day 35[Contradiction]

That was then, this is now. As an Asian, I'm proud with my people not because they look alike but there are something we should feel 'Big' sometimes. We often seen conservative,short,coward,arrogant,NO speak English, and etc. We are madly offended by those who makes these Prophecies, Yet how do we differentiate if the only way is through categorization? Look at us, The two largest populations in this beautiful polluted land, the Indian and Chinese who contributes Nasi , Tenaga, pengetahuan, tarian, tatasusila, etika,and so much more for the past few decades. I have no doubt that one day, one of these populations are going to takeover everything because they are coming up like freaking fast. Btw, I'm on the neutral side, I like steak, beacon, sausages and western countries, They seem to be stronger than any other countries. They even have bigger brother than the Asian ): Indeed and it was true enough to say yes, the most powerful thing they are good in is imitate culture. Don't trust me? Try to see U.S, what can you find on their books of history, Nothing. Besides that, their children are raised to be independent and sometimes they won't call their parent 'Mum' and 'Dad' but this, HEY MICHAEL! F*ck off and get out of my room! Maybe you don't often see this in movies but it does happen there. Back to Asian and how they are being raised, They are taught to respect their parents especially father for being the head of the family and this apply to generation after generation.