Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lullaby of rain...

It's been a while my friends.. Landed safely at LCCT last friday night.... Bunchs of ''Fai Chai" was waiting me for 2 hours. After that, we went to ''Just for you'' at damai.... Had meatballs spaghetti for late dinner since foods in flight Freaking expensive. LOL! William asked for second round... So we went to this CC "PowerNet'' where we used to hang out together. Life's good! Got back home around 3am... lying on my big queen size comfort bed, such a good feeling.. Bet you wanna try lye on it isn't it? If only you want it.... following is the schedule for whole week. LoL! Appointment banyak betul!

1. Dinner with tkHou at Damai Upperstar.
2. Lunch with maybelle at ???
3. marolene and mendy wants to go Club... still considering XD
4. Church service(saturday night, sunday morning)
5. CellGroup thursday at GLory Hall.
6. left 4 dead with tkHou,johnny, Ah pak( Nice teamplay)
7. send Mc'D for Fish...
8. Saturday reserved for Fish whole day... lol
9. breakfast with parents x4
10. pulau trip(cancelled) :(
11. Sushi night fever!
12. Fried dumplings, Fried fish on tuesday..
13. last but not least, wants to go Shangri-La resort beach...
Meaningful memories are easier to remember. How beautiful it'd be!!!