Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Day 32

Emerge! When I said it I mean it and did it because I need it.
Do you believe that success is a combination of talent and hardwork?
Ps. Kong teachings throughout the whole weekend really blow up my mind,
like seriously. It was a great experience also a good time to put on hold
my pending jobs and spend the rest weekend with my church members and God.
I've realized things are not easy to be done when you say it without
taking action. I told myself "hanling you got to be a doer, in future
you going to be a great person out there serving God, helping people,
and contribute something to the publics. " So from now onwards, I will
start purchase more books, do more meditation, observe more, and pray more.
Pray is the secret that unlock everything. When was the last time you said
a prayer? probably none of you could remember. So start practise it today
and repent before the end of the world. On the other hand, I have been busy
working my assignments. In the midst of rushing, I hate other people make
things complicated like postponed meetings, late, and giving out unrealistic
ideas and comments. I mean a leader should give a good impression to his/her
members so that others can put trust on you. So I would like to encourage all
the leaders to buck up.