Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Day 22

20 of August, Starless Night
Nocturnal No longer a stranger, and we have become good friends.
Why do I feel like an animal? Like Hedgehogs or Eagle Owl
(If you don't know, please google it or click the link given above) "being active during the night and sleeping during the day" I suppose...
Overslept in the afternoon, My eyes barely opened and I knew that I had over slept.
In this case, this will eventually cause me to be active during the night and Fish-ing while Lecturer giving lecturer during day-time. An example, 2am: I'm sitting and staring at the monitor, looking left to the right, because I got nothing better to do. That's pretty Farked up :p
Recently, I'm so In-Like with this mobile Phone. It's Nokia E63... No special features compares to E71, I suppose. I prefer E63 because I found it to be reasonably priced and relatively convenient to bring along and Classy. Exact Reasons are I Don't need a techno-phone to beat my I-Touch, I need E63 for Sms's purpose, e-mail and etc. The Market Selling Price, Satu biji RM 7XX-9XX.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Day 21 (20thBirthday Confession)

18 of August, Greatest Day of the Year

Basically there is not much to be relaxed about. I'm 20 years old today, my extremely happy face can be seen or as it can be seen. I would like to say a huge thank you to God, my parents, and my friends. It is a great honor and pleasure for me to meet you guys to be a part of the group/family. Hmm I want to announce that I'm no longer single, there's a girl never regretted waiting for me so long. She's Melissa.. The greatest sacrifices Mel has made for me is giving her priceless time to me, a good listener, My source of creativity in joke-making and etc. We were once happy together, we have gone through it, we have cried together. Something like the mistakes I have made, It left her the scars in her heart, but she's still loving me, with all her heart. Few years back, one of my buddies said that we're not going to survive long. Few years later, I Sued my friend because my relationship survived longer than what he predicted. I have seen people with Western mindset, behavior patterns of Eastern. They are great people with great decisions. I have seen people Dragged away by Death Reaper(HEART ATTACK). I have heard one of my friend who killed her unborn child by doing abortion, I hope she was full of guilt. I have seen people walking out from church, She was once a good girl. There are so many things to say about this world. it's getting messy, I was hoping that everyone can stay on the right track, be concious and know that what you're doing.