Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It comes and goes. It dissolved like salt

>>The day before randall goes to Manchester! we had torns of fun up there. Luna Bar!!
It been a long time did not upload new post!
sigh* Things has changed a lot when i first started step on the land of abyss.
I have learned to be realistic than materialistic.
pretty satisfied with everything i had! Perhaps i found the last resort. ^^
Getting a new part-time job on friday after the exam.
Try to save up some income and redeem a ticket to somewhere else.
Location still unidentified~
It has been raining all night..
Was a cold and long night..
Wishful Thinking made me
looks energetic yet i am so tired.
I am wondering why it comes and goes.
It dissolved like salt.
*I have mentioned earlier(wishful thinking)
I have met my old-friend ying swan yesterday and we chat through Msn.
Kinda shocked after several years I have totally lost contact
with her and now she's back.
Final presentation will be on friday.
very tension and anxious to know the result.
Maturity engender to emerge!