Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Day 30

Good day! It's been a while since I played an exciting
sport. I was hesitating whether should go or not while
Kenneth asking me to join them cause too tired after
having a long unsastisfied presentation. So I just
said "Yes" hang down and go... 6.30pm kenneth reached
my place and fetch me, we had some toasts while waiting
for the rest. 7pm set off and reach there around 7.30pm.
The challenger sport center moved to somewhere further
from cheras and it looked really nice. I used to go
there for badminton training every thursday night.
So I've managed to meet some young adults after
alan introduced to me and most of them are nice.
We all played a good game and I really satisfied
with the end result (: Guess what! I scored Freaking
6 goals. You must be thinking I'm boostful but
seriously I'm not. From your point of view, I must
be a Kaki Bangku,Tangan Bangku freaking teenager.
Dare me and I will show it to you. I'm not good in
field games, but anything related to ball, I'm in.
Recently just gained my first MU jersey that has
just brought over from UK. COOL! Btw, Currently
I'm addicted to a game called 'Happy Farm' and it
sounds childish for many of you but Do I look like
I freaking care? Of course no.. Me and my buddy
VINZ quite enjoy with it. It's flexible, managable,
popular, harmless, costless, and etc. Basically
all you need to do is buy seeds from the shop,
plant it and wait and not watch the hours fall,
then harvest your crops. You can go to your barn
to sell your crops or redeem gifts. the most
enjoyable part is to get into your buddy's farm
and steal their crops, besides stealing, you can
help to fertilize, clear the weeds and etc.
I even came out with a briliant idea by recording
down all the crops information, harvest time, cost
and experience. It doesn't eat me much time cause
I downloaded the file to make me easier to refer
my crops growing stage. All of this just tidbits
crackers for me, cause there is something important
for me to look forward for it. It's you, always you
and forever. I'm missing you badly not every single
moment but most of the time, I had my heart set on
you, together in aussie. Waiting for reunion...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Day 29

There goes my love, to somewhere far from here.
Pulling my face like a cooked meat left
overnight. I came up with a brilliant idea a
few days ago and I'm quite sure about it.
Random is the name given by me, which stands
for acting/having no specific purpose/objective
while doing something. People have said many
times about me acting randomness in the class.
But some said that's where the good ideas come
from. I never doubt that (: Embodied revolution.
I'm just answering/ asking question from different
point of view. Hey peeps, looking things from
a different perspective isn't a bad thing, plus
it won't lead you to somewhere else. If you thought
you had enough thinking while judging a decision,
I would have thought twice times more than you.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another day 28

It's been a long time and have not touched you for ages. I was wondering what makes you act like that these days. Come on! I'm having serious thought, trying to figure out what's the matters?
And why should I Scream for? This is my theme park. How's the fudge taste? I'll make you like a fudge cake. It sounded like random for most of you but try to picture that.. There lived an unhappy guy, facing all the consequences alone and pretending he's doing alright. But no, he's not alright.